5 Ways to Keep Your Materials Handling Business Running Smoothly in Summer

Most businesses aren’t immune to the summer doldrums. Sunny, warm weather makes everyone start to think a little more about recreation or relaxation and a little less about work. It’s natural to let the easygoing summer atmosphere bring a certain level of ease to the workplace, but your business goals don’t have to suffer.

When summer is in full swing, keep the momentum up in your materials handling business with these tips:

  1. Optimize your facility to decrease utility bills. Summer is notorious for driving energy bills sky-high. Cut down on energy costs by keeping blinds closed when they aren’t in use. Use vinyl stripping between the warehouse floor and the loading dock to keep in the cool. Install ceiling fans to keep air circulating, and have your HVAC system regularly maintained for efficiency.
  2. Tweak your dress code. During the hot days of summer, everyone tends to lean towards a more casual work environment. Make small changes that will help your employees stay cool and comfortable without compromising safety or professional appearance.Employees
  3. Have fun in a team-building atmosphere. Taking time to mix business with pleasure can increase morale and improve productivity. Encourage your employees to participate in an afternoon or day of fun. Have a picnic, go to a ballgame, or take the team out for a nice meal. Some businesses choose to have company-wide events, but setting aside a little extra spending money for each team or department to do something special on its own also shows employees you care.
  4. Turn Fridays into employee appreciation days. Set aside a few minutes of the workday on summer Fridays to do something special. Have an ice-cream social, provide free breakfast, or raffle off company-branded merchandise. It’s an opportunity to encourage employee interaction, boost morale, and bring summer fun into the workplace. For even more bonus points, let your employees take off early when the days are slow. Everyone will appreciate the extra few hours of daylight they get to spend with friends and family.
  5. Don’t forget about yourself. You and your management team should also take some time to recharge during the summer. Consider a modified work schedule or shake up management duties for a while. Younger managers will relish the opportunity to take on more responsibility while more seasoned veterans can use the time to have a few strategic planning meetings, interact with each department in person, and take some vacation time.

Every business is different. Choose a few summer-time routine shake-ups that will reinvigorate your team to get the job done. After all, it is summer! For more advice on prepping your warehouse or storage facility for the warm weather, contact Warehouse1 today.