Business Resolutions for 2015

The start of the year is a perfect time to reevaluate your business plans, goals, and strategies. Many companies choose to do a yearly review at the end of year. Sometimes, however, the end of the year is too busy to focus on reviews with the demand of day-to-day tasks. So, instead of bypassing the yearly review process completely, opt for the beginning of the year. It’s a perfectly acceptable time to reinvigorate your business with a meeting that focuses on the past, present, and future.


Set aside one day, or couple of days, for an all hands on deck meeting. It can be a breath of fresh air from the daily grind and, at the beginning of the year, has the ability to set the tone for the months to come. Small and large firms use collaborative meetings to gain a better perspective of the business from different angles. Assign topics to each person on your team to present at the meeting including:

What did and didn’t work for projects?
Where was the budget on point and where did it need to be tightened?
What new technologies and practices would benefit the business this year?
What did we do exceptionally well last year?
What are some best practices from the last year, and what processes need work?

The meeting process can be informal and conversational, rather than those strictly numbers based meetings that seem to occupy end of the year activities. It’s a time for your team to regroup and focus on both the big picture of the business and individual processes that encourage development and growth.

Make use of whiteboards and feel free to brainstorm during this type of meeting. Unless your team is centrally located, it may be the only time that the whole team or business can sit down and become part of the future of the company. By creating a positive atmosphere to address serious and pressing concerns, every member of a team or business can feel necessary and important contributing to a solutions-based dialogue.

Managers and business owners benefit by gaining the unique perspective that every level of the business has to offer. Sometimes a great idea may come from the ground level, like when someone who does a task day in and day out has an idea for streamlining the process and improving the bottom line. You’ll be surprised at what you can learn at an all hands on deck style of meeting and how a collaborative environment can breed creativity, motivation, and innovation.