Illinois – Warehouse Racking and Equipment



Most common items sold in the microcosm state of Illinois over the past 27 years:

  • New Cantilever Racks
  • New Metal Industrial Shelving
  • New Pallet Rack Beams
  • New Pallet Rack Uprights
  • New Power Conveyor
  • New Wire Mesh Decking
  • Used Cantilever Racking
  • Used Industrial Shelving
  • Used Pallet Rack Beams
  • Used Pallet Rack Uprights
  • Used Warehouse Equipment
  • Used Wire Mesh Decking

Top Buying Cities:

  • Chicago, Il
  • Springfield, Il
  • Aurora, Il
  • Joliet, Il
  • Peoria, Il

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Warehouse1 features great shipping rates across the United States. We wanted to
get to know a little more about where we go. Here are some fun facts about The Prairie State.

  • Chicago – 2,695,598
  • Cedar Rapids – 197,899
  • Rockford – 152,871
  • Joliet – 147,433
  • Naperville – 141,853
  • Springfield – 116,250
  • Peoria – 115,007
  • North Peoria – 113,004
  • Elgin – 108,188
  • Waukegan – 89,078

Chicago, Abe Lincoln, and McDonald’s — these are among the most famous things associated with the great state of Illinois.

Chicago: The biggest city in the Midwest, Chicago has it all. Art Museums, historic sports franchises, restaurants, Lake Michigan, Navy Pier — a slice of culture that’s hard to replicate and incredible to visit. The Windy City is the focal point of Illinois, and home to countless important historical figures, including President Obama, Al Capone and Michael Jordan.

Lincoln: The state capital of Springfield is home to many artifacts about our 16th President Abraham Lincoln. In fact, the state has such an affinity towards Lincoln that Illinois’ unofficial nickname is ‘The Land of Lincoln.’ Head to Springfield to find the Lincoln Presidential Library and the Lincoln home, the only home he ever owned. Make sure to rub his nose when you’re there!

McDonald’s: When people around the world think about America, McDonald’s is on the short list. The fast food superpower was first franchised in Des Plaines, IL by Ray Kroc in 1955, and has grown to a publicly traded company that serve 68 million customers in 119 countries.


Famous People

Harrison Ford – Ford, born in Chicago, grew to prominence by playing Han Solo in the Star Wars trilogy and became a megastar for playing Indiana Jones. Ford is one of the most widely recognized stars of film, earning Empire Magazine’s ranking for top movie star of all time, with his films grossing $6 billion worldwide.

Bobby Fischer — Chess champion and national enigma, Fischer was born in Chicago in 1943 and earned unheralded success at a young age, winning the US Championships in dominating fashion. in 1972, Fischer won the World Chess Championship from Boris Spassky of the USSR in a highly publicized match. He later became a recluse, evading the public for nearly 20 years after the US government issued a warrant for his arrest for tax evasion.

Walt Disney— Born in 1901 in Chicago, Disney is a cultural icon who created fictional characters Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy all under the Disney Company. He became a titan in Hollywood, winning 22 Academy Awards, creating Disneyland and Disney World, and releasing some of the all-time American classic films.

Bill Murray — Murray is a legend in his own right for his acting career. He starred in goofy roles for Ghostbusters, Caddyshack, Stripes, and Groundhog Day. After a short hiatus, Murray reinvented himself as a serious actor, taking roles for Lost In Translation and Rushmore.

Ray Bradbury — Born in Waukegan, Bradbury was a fantastic author who penned books and stories in the science fiction, fantasy and mystery genre. His most famous work was for the dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451.