Ohio Pallet Racks



Most common items sold in the Buckeye state of Ohio over the past 27 years:

  • New Cantilever Racks
  • New Pallet Racks
  • New Power Conveyor
  • New Wire Mesh Decking
  • Selective Pallet Racking
  • Used Cantilever Racking
  • Used Conveyors
  • Used Pallet Rack Beams
  • Used Pallet Rack Uprights
  • Used Wire Mesh Decking

Top Buying Cities:

  • Cleveland, Oh
  • Cincinnati, Oh

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Warehouse1 features great shipping rates across the United States. We wanted to get to know a little more about where we go. Here are some fun facts about The Buckeye State.

  • Columbus – 787,033
  • Cleveland – 396,815
  • Cincinnati – 296,943
  • Toledo – 287,208
  • Akron – 199,110
  • Dayton – 141,527
  • Parma – 81,601
  • Canton – 73,007
  • Youngstown – 66,982
  • Lorian – 64,097

Presidents, Swiss cheese, and aviation — these are among the most famous things associated with the great state of Ohio.

Presidents: There have been 44 presidents and there are 50 states. 8 presidents have been born in Ohio: William Henry Harrison, Ulysses S. Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes, James A. Garfield, Benjamin Harrison, William McKinley, William Howard Taft, and Warren G. Harding. The abundance of commanders-in-chief has earned Ohio the nickname the “Mother of Modern Presidents.”

Swiss Cheese: Millersburg, Ohio is holy land for the Guggisberg Swiss Cheese factory. Its chief product, Guggisberg Baby Swiss, was named the best cheese in the United States for 2015. The award winning cheese has been made by Amish farmers for over 60 years and has adopted recipes from Switzerland.

Aviation: Although North Carolina stakes its claim as the birthplace of flight, it was in fact in Ohio where those roots were laid. The Wright brothers were actually from Ohio and one of the last remaining Model B airplanes sits at the national museum of the US Air Force in Dayton. The city also hosted international air races in in the early 20th century.

Steven Spielberg – The most prolific movie producer of all-time, Spielberg hails from Cincinnati and pioneered what is considered the New Hollywood era. He either produced or directed such hits as Jaws, Schindler’s List, E.T., Jurassic Park, Saving Private Ryan,the Indiana Jones series and Lincoln.

LeBron James — All-time great NBA player who came to define the NBA at the turn of the century. Hailing from Akron, James was drafted to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers before heading to the Miami Heat. On South Beach, he won two titles in four years before heading back home to play for the Cavs once more.

William Howard Taft — A leader of the Progressive Era, Taft implemented competition law, helped incite a more global economy, but didn’t leave the office on the best of terms serving for only four years.

R.L. Stine — From Columbus, Stine achieved smashing success operating in the literary world as the “Stephen King of children’s literature.” His Goosebumps series is a children’s book staple, selling over 400 million copies as of 2008.

Bobby Knight — Born in Massillon, Knight played at Ohio State and won a national championship as a player in 1960. He later went on to win three national titles as a coach of Indiana, and won an Olympic Gold Medal coaching the 1984 team which included Michael Jordan.