Oklahoma – Used Selective Racks



Most common items sold in the Sooner state of Oklahoma over the past 27 years:

  • New Cantilever Racks
  • New Industrial Warehouse Shelving
  • New Pallet Rack Beams
  • New Pallet Rack Uprights
  • Used Pallet Racking
  • Used Warehouse Equipment
  • Used Warehouse Shelving
  • Used Wire Mesh Decking

Top Buying Cities:

  • Oklahoma City, Ok
  • Tulsa, Ok
  • Norman, Ok
  • Lawton, Ok
  • Edmond, Ok
  • Stillwater, Ok

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Warehouse1 features great shipping rates across the United States. We wanted to get to know a little more about where we go. Here are some fun facts about The Sooner State.

  • Oklahoma City – 610,613
  • Tulsa – 398,121
  • Norman – 118,197
  • Broken Arrow – 103,500
  • Lawton – 97,151
  • Edmond – 87,004
  • Moore – 58,414
  • Midwest City – 56,756
  • Enid – 50,725
  • Stillwater – 47,186

Trendsetting, Route 66, and the panhandle — these are among the most famous things associated with the great state of Oklahoma.
A state of firsts: Did you know Oklahoma is the first state where bread twist ties, shopping carts, parking meters, Girl Scout cookies all were invented? Also, the first radio station west of the Mississippi River first broadcast there. Also, the state has produced more man-made lakes and astronauts.
Route 66: Oklahoma has more miles of the original Route 66 than any other state. The “father of Route 66” Cyrus Avery was from Tulsa and hailed the Route as “The Main Street of America” in 1927. Promoters of Route 66 once held a coast to coast foot race that included all 2,448 miles of the Route.
The Panhandle: Cimarron County is the westernmost county on the Panhandle, which lends its shape to Oklahoma’s most distinct geographic feature. A little known fact about the county is that it is the only county in the country to border four different states.

Chuck Norris – Walker, Texas Ranger actor and internet sensation, Norris was born in Ryan. He joined the Air Force, honed a martial arts skills and started his acting career with roles in Way of the Dragon and The Delta Force.

Ron Howard – All-star actor, director and producer began his acting career at the young age of 5 with The Andy Griffith Show. Howard is one of the rare actors who stayed successful as he aged, playing Richie Cunningham in Happy Days. Later Howard won a Best Director award for A Beautiful Mind and directed Apollo 13.

Sam Walton – Walton was born in Kingfisher and later founded Walmart and Sam’s Club, earning him and his descendants billions of dollars and shaping the foundation of the American Economy in doing so.

Jim Thorpe – What didn’t Thorpe do? Born on a Native American reservation, Thorpe is easily the most versatile athlete of all time. He won Olympic medals in the pentathlon and decathlon, played professional football, baseball and basketball.

Garth Brooks – The highest selling artist in the history of country music, Brooks burst onto the scene in 1989 and has moved nearly 70 million units since. That ranks him ahead of Elvis and second only to the Beatles in terms of all-time album sales. Not bad for a kid from Tulsa.