Pallet Racking: Different Types for Different Jobs

When searching for pallet racking system, it may be easy to forget that in the world of racks one size doesn’t fit all. Yes, all units can greatly maximize usage of space but there are variations in design that businesses should take into account.

Selective Racks:

This is the most common pallet racking system. These styles make the pallets accessible from the aisle with multiple beams in place to support the pallets. Generally, these are associated with narrow aisles but offer both standard and deeper reach options. The deep reach variation provides double the storage space and should be a consideration for those with large storage needs but more limited space for the racking.

Gravity Flow Racks:

Flow RackThese racks work best for those storing high-density items. It utilizes the first-in-first-out loading system, meaning that the initial item placed on to the pallet will also be removed first. This creates a rotation that allows the loading system to have an automatic flow, as inventory is pushed from the higher end of the rack to the lower portion.

This is accomplished via gravity roller, which moves the inventory according to weight and load across a sloped plane. There are speed controllers in place to allow owners to choose how quickly the items will be moved. The system is powered solely by gravity, meaning motion can be slowed. There is no electric mechanism in place for it to be reversed by the rack itself.

Drive In Racks:

These structures are also often used for high-density storage. They are called “drive in” because they are designed in a way that allows the forklift to drive directly into the bay to deposit and remove items. These racks have one entry way and one exit, whereas the similar drive through rack provides entry and exit from both sides of the structure. They utilize a last-in-first-out system, making them great for long-term storage but not recommended for items that could perish, since many items may be pushed toward the back of the structure for extended periods of time.

These are only a few of the variations of pallet racking that can be found in today’s marketplace. As with any warehouse purchase, it is important to first keep your needs and inventory in mind. And with such diverse storage systems available, you are sure to find a pallet racking system that will fit perfectly into your business. If you have additional questions regarding types of racks, contact a knowledgeable professional at Warehouse1. We’re standing by and look forward to helping you make the right pallet racking choice.