Red Friday at Warehouse1

It’s September. Temperatures are starting to decline, bugs are going away, and clothing stores are having sales on swimsuits. Just like Kansas City is the closest major city to the center of the geographic United States, Warehouse1 prides itself on being at the center of the Materials Handling Equipment Supply Industry. And as the NFL season is gearing up our beloved Kansas City Chiefs are once again taking aim at becoming the center of attention in the sports world, vying to become Super Bowl Champions for the first time since the 1969 season.

Most of our staff are avid Chiefs fans, so we decided to ask a few “experts” a series of questions concerning the home team:

  1. What is the Chiefs’ biggest strength in your opinion?
  2. What is their biggest weakness?
  3. What is your record/outcome prediction for the season?
  4. Are you a season ticket holder? If not, how many games do you usually attend in a season?

Scott, from sales, sees the team doing very well but coming up just short:

  1. Now that Jamal Charles is back in rotation, our running game is our biggest strength.
  2. Our defensive backs will struggle.
  3. I think we’ll go 12-4 and lose in the AFC title game
  4. No season tickets, but I usually go to 1 or 2 games a year.

Char, from our Government team, hopes that Scott is right, but is not as optimistic:

  1. Our fans are the best in the NFL!
  2. Predictability. We’re almost always a 1-dimensional team.
  3. I hope for Scott’s outcome, but I see us going 10-6
  4. I used to be a season ticket holder, now my son and I pick 1 home or away game to go to. This year we’re going to Denver for the Chiefs vs. Broncos game on Christmas night!

Daren, from Marketing, is obviously our biggest fan:

  1. We have the best NFL home field advantage and best game day experience in any sport, at any level! The tailgating! The atmosphere! The noise! We got the Guinness World Record for loudest stadium for a reason!
  2. I only see one glaring hole and it’s the one Jamal Charles and crew are sprinting through all the way to the end zone! Touchdown! Kansas City!
  3. 16-0 and Super Bowl bound all the way! Mr. Mayor, get the parade route ready!
  4. I’ve been to every home game and one away game every year since 1962! GO CHIEFS!

In Kansas City, there is a sort of unwritten tradition we call “Red Friday”, were every Friday, citizens sport their red and gold gear around town, at the grocery store, and even at work. Warehouse1 participates in Red Friday and we’ve made it an annual tradition to take a group photo on the first Red Friday. Take a look at how our photo shoot went!


Warehouse1 Cheering on the Home Team


Geared up for Red Friday!


Sales, Marketing, and Accounting Departments


Who hired these two???

Energy and buzz in the city is electric, and we’re proud to be part of the city’s fabric, just like our sports teams, including the 2015 World Series Champion Royals and Sporting KC. If you’re a customer in town, be sure to stop by Warehouse1 and let us show you what Kansas City has to offer.

Thanks for reading, and go Chiefs!