Save Money at your Facility in 2016

In 2016, the name of the game is efficiency. Instilling strategies to save money, reduce energy and output while still putting out a great product is the best way to improve your bottom line. So how do you put these practices into reality, and what are the best ways to save money at your facility?

At Warehouse1 we’ve been leaders in the materials handling industry since 1988, offering customized business solutions, including equipment, design and installation of moving and storage systems. We provide new and used products to warehouses of all sizes and have built relationships with companies all across the country that rely on us for their needs.

moneyHere are a few tips to save money in 2016:

Tracking Errors — By streamlining your warehouse management system, you’re able to determine what errors have happened and assess how to correct them. Knowing where your warehouse needs improvement is the first step in determining how to solve problems.

Temperature Control — Many warehouses have goods that require specific temperature ranges to keep products in a good condition. It might cost more money to keep your space properly heated or cooled, but not paying attention to your thermostat can be catastrophic as far as your products go.

Restructuring Labor Costs — When it comes to reducing costs, figuring out a way to optimize hours is a must. Either through automation or analysis, cutting down on wasted hours is an easy way save money.

Getting The Most Out of Your Space — Take the square-footage of your warehouse and determine if you might be able to squeeze more storage or conveyors  out of it. We specialize in pallet racking of all types, and we recommend utilizing different tactics and products to utilize leftover space to maximize unused space

Going Green — Reduce your waste and consumption of resources, make a switch to more efficient packaging, charge your vehicles in off hours — all of these things can be beneficial in lowering your energy costs. Consider sending your leftover or previously used materials to a recycling facility or Trade it in to WH1 rather to a landfill as well. Being conscious of turning off machinery when not in use, switching your light bulbs to high-efficiency models can also cut costs.

Because of Warehouse1’s location in Kansas City, the nearest big city to the geographic center of the United States, we’re able to offer great rates to all corners of the country.

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