Warehouse1 Annual Chili Cook-off

On Thursday, Warehouse1 held its annual company-wide chili cook-off! The contest consisted of seven anonymous employees whipping up a crockpot of their blue ribbon chili recipes. Front office and warehouse employees gathered over the lunch hour to sample and judge the seven dishes. There was wide variety of chili recipes, from our Inventory Control Analyst Melissa Kean’s turkey and bean chili, to Salesman Mike Edmonson’s chicken chili, to C.E.O. Mary Lou Jacoby’s Hispanic influenced “Chili Verde”.

After all votes had been placed and counted, the contest ended in a tie. Mary Lou’s Chile Verde rings up 14 votes along with Salesman Rocky Dillinger’s NASCAR themed crockpot of venison chili. Out of her kindness, our C.E.O. gave up her share of the title to Rocky because she felt that his was the best. This makes Rocky a first time winner and the 2016 Warehouse1 Chili Cook-off Champion! Rocky was presented with his trophy afterwards. The cook off was a success, bringing co-workers together for a time to socialize and and expressing one of our core values of having fun. In our book, every pot was a winner, maybe even on the national level. What else would you expect from a pallet racking company located in Kansas City, the BBQ capital of the world!


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