WH1 Father’s Day

As the week comes to a close, everyone is preparing and making plans for the day to honor their fathers, who may also double as their mechanic, tax preparer, landscaper, financial adviser, and encyclopedia. It’s not common, though, that your dad is also your co-worker. At Warehouse 1, we have a father-son material handling equipment duo.

Our youngest sales employee, George Beaman, Jr. (hereinafter referred to as “Junior”), is the youngest of four children and only son of George Beaman, Sr.


George Beaman Jr. and Sr.

George has been working with C.E.O. Mary Lou Jacoby before the beginning of WH1. He was there when she bought the old Macy’s building full of equipment and began the company. Because of his involvement, his son has been around WH1 since he was little. In the summers through middle and high school, Junior would work with his father and help out with jobs like setting up pallet rack. Junior was eventually hired full time in the warehouse but has since moved into sales. He now has two sons of his own to honor him this weekend.

We sat down with George and Junior and asked them a series of questions about their relationship with each other inside and outside of Warehouse1. Here’s what they had to say:

Q: “Do you have any special plans for this year’s Father’s Day?”

Junior: “Probably spend the day with family. Bring the kids around and have some Mexican food.”

Q: “George, we heard you like mexican food?”

George: “Oh I love it. I just don’t like cooking it. I’m going to grill this weekend instead.”

Q: “What are some activities/hobbies you share with each other?”

George: “We like to ride and work on ATVs, and go fishing.”

Junior: “We like fixing up ATVs and riding them in his 2 acre backyard. He likes to fish. I don’t like fishing all that mu


Throwback picture of George Sr. and Jr. at WH1

ch. He always tells me to be quiet otherwise I’ll scare the fish away.”

Q: “What are some of your first memories of WH1 growing up?”

Junior: “Riding around the complex in the golf carts, the company Christmas parties, and the gumball machine.”

Q: “What is the best/worst feature about having your dad as a co-worker?”

Junior: “The best part is that I get to see him everyday, and make sure he’s doing okay. Also, I learn a lot from him. He’s very knowledgeable. The worst part is that even though he’s not my boss, I still have to listen to him, and I’m never right.”

Q: “What do you think about Junior moving into sales instead being with you in the warehouse?”

George: “It’s great. I think he’s able to gain the skills he needs in the office. It’s also good that we aren’t near each other all the time. That could be bad.”

Q: “What you most appreciate about your dad?”

Junior: “Growing up, he was very stern. Also very supportive. I love his laugh too.”

Q: “What do you most appreciate about your son?”

George: “That he is a great father to his children.”

A father can play many roles to their children as they grow. Being a coworker is a role George plays well. George and Junior provide a great example of a father-son relationship in the workplace and we get to see it everyday.

We at Warehouse1 would like to wish you and every dad a happy Father’s Day!


Do you still need a gift for Father’s Day? How about some new shelving for his garage?