What the Royals Mean to Warehouse1

Much of our identity at Warehouse1 is formed in the hard-working, honest-to-goodness, midwestern ideals that we proudly share with our home city of Kansas City. At Warehouse1 we are a proud member of our community. Part of what makes that community so great is our sports teams.

And just as Kansas City is the closest major city to the center of the geographic United States, Warehouse1 prides itself on being at the center at the Materials Handling Equipment Supply Industry. Much like Warehouse1 and city itself, our beloved Royals are where they were last year: at the center of the sports world.

royalsAfter seasons of futility, the Royals were finally relevant again last year. Missing out on a division title by a single game, KC locked up a wildcard berth and made the playoffs for the first time since winning the world series 29 years ago. In the wildcard playoff, the Royals found themselves down four runs in the 8th inning and executed one of the more memorable and exciting comebacks in MLB history, taking out Oakland by a score of 9-8.

They parlayed that victory into what became an unlikely run of playoff success, winning series over Los Angeles and Baltimore. The ride continued all the way to the bottom of the 9th of game seven of the World Series, where KC were defeated in dramatic fashion by the San Francisco Giants.

For the city, 2014 was one of the most exhilarating runs in memory. Now this season we again find ourselves embroiled in a dramatic playoff run, and all eyes are tonight on Kauffman Stadium.

When watching the tilt this evening, remember just a few miles up the road Warehouse 1 is there fully supporting the Royals — many of us diligently working with radios full blast, hanging on every pitch.

This past spring we participated in a night at Kauffman Stadium for the Blue Valley Industrial Association (BViA). The Association is has provided leadership in Kansas City for many years by promoting and developing the economy in Blue Valley District, and we at Warehouse1 are a proud to be a part of such an integral group for our city. As a group we’ve also attended many Royals games as well.

The energy and buzz in the city is electric, and we’re proud to be part of the city’s fabric, just like our sports teams, including the Chiefs and Sporting KC. If you’re a customer in town, be sure to stop by Warehouse1 and let us show you what Kansas City has to offer.

Thanks for reading, and go Royals!