How Does Wire Shelving Improve Workflow?

Organize your parts or products, increase workspace efficiency and improve workflow with wire shelving. You can build complete work cell systems and streamline workflow and order picking!

Wire shelving systems offer:

  • Easy set-up
  • An open wire design that minimizes dust collection and improves visibility for stored contents
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Mobile options

Warehouse1 offers a variety of sizes and styles of Akro-Mils Wire Shelving Systems and material handling equipment. Please contact your Warehouse1 representative for product information or more details!

Hopefully you’ve discovered some actionable advice on improving the efficiency of your workspace over these past few weeks. For more efficiency improvement tips, download Akro-Mils 5S Lean Kit, brochure and DVD right now!

Bart Eggert is Product Line Manager for Akro-Mils, a North American leader in storage, organization and transport products. For more information on Akro-Mils’ full line of products, visit