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What Is Speedrack Pallet Rack & Why Should I Buy?

We are giving up to five stars for each of the following pallet rack categories: design, availability, competitive pricing, ease of installation and durability. Now let's review the selective rack with a "suitcase handle" clip, speedrack pallet rack.

Design: three stars

Speedrack pallet rack has a unique connector hardware design that “locks” the beams to the uprights. Solid is a good word to describe the structural stability of each section once assembled. It is also common to provide J-locks along with the connectors to assist in the reinforcement and stability of the beams once installed on the uprights. The upright columns are usually closed tube construction which also contributes to a higher weight capacity.

speedrack pallet rack
Design: Speedrack upright and beam connection with connector hardware.

Availability:  three stars

Readily available in both used and new condition, Speedrack pallet rack is manufactured by Speedrack Products Group of Sparta, Michigan. We have access to a consistantly healthy supply of uprights and beams in used condition as well.

Competitive Pricing:  four stars

Speedrack is priced consistently in the middle of the group of available roll-formed styles of pallet racking. Used Speedrack pallet racking is typically more competitively priced than the majority of other popular styles.

Ease of Installation:  two stars

While Speedrack’s design gives it greater durability than some of the other roll-formed racks, this design can contribute to a longer installation time. Connecting each beam to upright with Speedrack’s special hardware can take more time and labor compared to other rack styles.

Durability:  four stars

Speedrack has a tri-planar style which provides it with strength that is greater than several other ordinary connections. Once a J-lock pin is in place, the connection between the beam and upright allows for a greater capacity and deflection than other roll-formed pallet rack styles because it prevents accidental beam displacement which can occur as a result of forklift or other equipment that can “lift” the beams out of the uprights. This can be common among other styles of pallet racking that do not incorporate a back-up locking system.

speedrack clip
Durability and Installation: Speedrack pallet rack’s hardware gives it greater durability than many other racks, but also longer installation times.

Final Word

Speedrack is a good reliable style of racking. It is commonly available in a range of standard sizes and weight capacities. I would suggest Speedrack to the customer that is looking for a reliable system while paying a reasonable price.

speedrack wide view

Speedrack: Higher marks in durability, availability and competitive pricing make Speedrack pallet rack a reliable pallet rack choice.

By Gary Selvera On January 1, 2014


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