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New & Used Commercial Warehouse Shelving

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15" x 12" Shelf Dividers

Item #: 105843

360 in stock KC

Price: $4.82

Shelving New
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Shelving Used
Shelving Used
96" x 3 5/8" Wide Span Beam

Item #: 150199

208 in stock KC

Price: $20.98

Shelving New
Shelving Used
96" x 2 1/2" Used Wide Span Beam

Item #: 230311

98 in stock KC

Price: $23.98

Shelving Used
Shelving Used
Shelving Used

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Warehouse Shelving Systems

Warehouse racking and storage systems are some of the most critical parts of any distribution center operation. Efficient use of storage equipment can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Our new and used commercial warehouse shelving systems are for sale in a variety of designs to store a variety of materials in a range of shapes and sizes.

Stack and store your inventory on steel or metal shelving racks like most classic storage systems.

Industrial, rivet, and wide-span shelving holds standard products and boxes, while bin, modular drawer, and tire rack shelves store parts and tools. Mobile aisle shelving is available for high-density storage.

Here is a bit more about each type of shelving we offer:

Types of Commercial Shelving Units & Uses

  • Bin Shelving - allows you to organize small parts, tools, SKUs into metal bins sections built into the shelving or plastic bins stored on shelving shelves.
  • Boltless Rivet Shelving - an easy-to-assemble alternative to metal shelving as it does not use clips or bolts. Can handle higher capacities as well.
  • Industrial Shelving - a standard and versatile storage system that accepts materials of a variety of shapes and sizes. Uses clips or bolts.
  • Mobile Aisle Shelving - a solution to your high density storage problems. Aisles are opened for item access one at a time, increasing your storage space by 50%.
  • Modular Drawer Shelving - utilizes modular drawers built within the shelving for storing and accessing your parts and tools.
  • Record Shelving - sized to the dimensions of your archive and file boxes helps maximize the storage of your records.
  • Tire Rack & Auto Shelving - keeps your tires, batteries, and auto storage inventory organized and easily accessible.
  • Wide Span - Bulk Racks - a hybrid storage system that combines the construction of pallet racking with the applications of industrial shelving.
  • Wire Shelving - does not allow dust to accumulate and is perfect for clean environments such as food and medical storage facilities.

Our inventory includes material options such as particle board, wire decking, and steel shelving.

If you are looking for classic warehouse shelves vs a pallet rack, or aren't quite sure what type of storage rack systems you need, reach out to our Warehouse1 support team for help. Whether you are looking for new or used shelving units, we can help solve your bulk storage needs. Contact us or call us at 888-558-1830.


Q. What are the most common types of industrial shelving?
A. Boltless, metal industrial, and widespan are the most common types of shelving that you will see in a commercial or industrial setting. Warehouse1 can help guide you to the best selection based on your needs.

Q. How do I choose the right system?
A. Finding the right system depends on your particular warehouse operations, such as the size of the space, how the aisles are set up, what the shelves will be used for and holding, the available budget, and more. From there, you can narrow down the options in terms of shelving unit size and strength, type, configuration, pricing, and more. From boltless shelving options to wire decking, we offer a wide selection to meet your requirements.

Q. What are the most common sizes?
A. The most common height of shelving sold is 6’ to 10’. Some customers choose to go even taller and pick material using a rolling stock ladder or an upper catwalk system. The most popular widths of boltless and metal types range from 36” to 48” and widespan is 72” to 96”. Common depths are 12” to 24” and for widespan are 24” to 48”.

Q. What is mobile aisle shelving?
A. Mobile aisle, like its name implies, is a shelving that is mounted onto a track system. The shelving can be cranked out or in to allow for dense storage in a small space. This type of system is excellent for file or small parts warehouse storage needs.


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