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42"W x 24"D x 78"H TA-50 Gear Locker

Item #: DS 703200

Ships from Factory

Price: $1,294.25

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Lockers New
Lockers New
26x49x76" Combination Storage Lockers

Item #: 1420900P

Ships from Factory

Price: $2,193.00

Lockers New
26x61x76" Combination Storage Lockers

Item #: 1421000P

Ships from Factory

Price: $2,694.00

Lockers New
32x49x76" Combination Storage Lockers

Item #: 1421100P

Ships from Factory

Price: $2,497.00

Lockers New
32x61x76" Combination Storage Lockers

Item #: 1421200P

Ships from Factory

Price: $2,860.00

Lockers New
Lockers New
Lockers New
Lockers New
Lockers New
Lockers New

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Storage Lockers for Sale

Secure your personal effects while you learn, work, and play. Metal storage or school lockers, are compartments usually made of metal that can be locked for the safekeeping of valuables in a public setting. When discussing lockers, most think of them lining the halls of their school, but storage lockers can be used in a variety of settings: warehouses, manufacturing facilities, offices, gyms, home offices, and rental properties.

Discounted Industrial & Military Lockers

You can see significant savings when you buy storage lockers in bulk. Ask us about quantity discounts when requesting a quote to outfit industrial spaces, military bases, and schools with rows of lockers.

Buying used lockers is a practical option that saves on cost. Along with the savings, there is virtually no difference between brand new and used lockers, with the possibility of slight physical differences. While it can be cost-effective to purchase gently used lockers, be cautious and know exactly what you are purchasing.

Locker FAQs

Q. What types of lockers are available?
A. Lockers are available in a number of different materials to suit specific applications:

  • Metal - One of the most common types, metal lockers are often found in school corridors, locker rooms, businesses, military bases, and condominium storage.
  • Plastic - These are very popular when you need storage that is waterproof or corrosion resistant. Plastic lockers are also a good option for swimming pools and other areas with a lot of moisture.
  • Wood - Use these to provide a rich look for clubs and higher level sports locker rooms. Wood lockers can be customized as open units, with lockable doors, or a combination of both.

Q. Do lockers come assembled?
A. Depending on the specific size and application, lockers can be shipped assembled. In most cases they are shipped unassembled. We offer on-site installation services in the majority of the US. Contact us to learn more and discuss your specific needs.

Q. What type of locks are available?
A. Most lockers have a lock hasp allowing the user to attach their own padlock. Other options are lock and key, combination, and even touch digital touch pad. If you are a school or business and want to provide the locks, we suggest adding a universal key option which will allow you to open all locks ordered with a single key if needed.

Q. How do I choose the right lockers?
A. Choosing the right lockers depends on your specific application and the amount of room that you have available. Here are some considerations about the most common locker types to keep in mind:

  • Box - Box lockers are really popular for companies with production, manufacturing, and other shift work. They are just the right size for cell phones, purses, jackets, or small backpacks and can work well for employee lockers.
  • Tier - Most schools use single tier lockers or double tier lockers in corridors for jackets and books, but remember when ordering your lockers that many students want to squeeze a backpack in too.
  • Bulk - If you want to store large items, consider a bulk storage locker such as a gear locker or a combination storage locker with shelving. These industrial lockers are common on military bases, condominium building storage areas, and businesses that want to secure large, valuable equipment.

Q. What size should I buy?
A. Many times it can seem like there are just too many locker options to choose from, so let us help guide you to the right size for your storage needs. We can customize the size, material, and color to meet your specific needs. From locker cabinets to gym lockers, we can help you get the best lockers for your business. Contact our in-house experts today.


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