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High-quality Pallet Racks for Sale

Pallet racking allows you to control the distribution and storage of inventory and improve profitability.

Warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities around the world utilize these systems more than any other equipment for product storage solutions.

Warehouse1 has an extensive line of new and used pallet racking systems for sale, including high-density storage systems such as push back racks, carton flow racks, pallet flow racks, drive-in racks and drive-through racks.

We also provide the most popular pallet rack brands including Ridg-U-Rak, Unarco, and more. Shop high quality new, used, and reconditioned selective heavy-duty pallet racks for sale.

Pallet Rack Accessories

Get pallet rack components and parts to service your racks or purchase add-on units that can be configured with your existing system to expand pallet storage density and capability.

Have questions about which warehouse racking or pallet rack accessories will work for you? Reach out today to speak with one of our in-house design experts! Contact us online or call us at 888-558-1830.

Pallet Racking FAQs

Q. How do I choose the right pallet rack system?
A. Many things come into play when choosing the correct rack for your specific storage space and shelving needs. One of the most important things to consider is what you plan to use it for. Do you want to store pallets, boxes, totes, or loose items? Warehouse1 offers in-house design experts to help you make the right decisions, and we can help you determine the correct profile of rack based on your available vertical space, lift equipment, pallet dimensions, pallet load, number of pallets to store, and the flow of your operation.

Q. Should I buy new or used pallet racking?
A. The number one advantage of buying used is the cost savings. Another great advantage of used pallet racks is availability. We carry a huge selection of used material on our 25 acre facility in Kansas City, Missouri, that ships quickly, meaning you don’t have to wait 6 to 10 weeks for manufacturing and delivery.

Q. What style pallet rack should I buy?
A. The most popular roll form pallet rack style is called a Teardrop pallet rack. We carry new, used, and reconditioned teardrop racks in popular sizes. Warehouse1 also stocks many other used styles, which include Ridg-U-Rak Slotted, Structural, T-Bolt, Keystone, Speedrack, and Cantilever Racks. These other types of pallet racks will have the same functionality and capacities as the teardrop style and are offered at discounted rates. If you are working with a limited budget, ask for these alternative styles!

Q. What condition does the used pallet rack come in?
A. Warehouse1 rates used rack conditions based on a lettering system. A condition is used but like-new condition. B condition is good used condition, but may have a few labels on the face of beams. C condition is structurally sound, but the paint is not in new condition. We also have a full on-site fabrication and paint shop, so we can recondition any of the used material to suit your specific needs. The material is always available for on-site inspection here in Kansas City. We're also happy to email you pictures of specific items at your request.

Q. How much does it cost to ship industrial pallet racks?
A. Because Warehouse1 is in the center of the country in Kansas City, Missouri, we have very competitive freight rates to just about anywhere in the US. We also have strategic manufacturing partners throughout the country, so we can ship products from the East Coast, West Coast, or the central states, whichever is most cost-effective for you.

Q. What are the common types of high-density storage racks?
A. Some of the most common styles are Drive-In Rack, Pushback Rack, Pallet Flow Rack, Narrow Aisle Rack, and Double Deep Rack. If you want to maximize your warehouse space, one of these may be a good fit for you based on your pallet velocity.


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