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Gravity Flow Racking

Gravity flow rack, also known as container, carton or case flow rack, is a great solution for creating the most efficient rack system for stocking and picking. By creating a separation between pickers and stockers you will see instant benefits including: increased productivity and workflow, more accurate picking, greater number of facings and minimal moving with easy reach.

Gravity flow rack allows you to store up to 150% more stock in the same space when compared to static pallet rack. It’s also quick and easy to convert your static pallet rack into a carton flow system. If you have questions on how to do this, or would like to learn more about our heavy-duty pallet flow racks for your warehouse or distribution center, reach out to our knowledgeable staff. Contact us or call at 888-558-1830.

Flow Rack FAQs

Q. How do I choose the right flow racking?
A. Flow rack is available in several different styles, sizes, and price points to fit your needs and budget.

  1. The most economical style is carton flow, which is a lightweight plastic, 1” wheel track system designed for picking light weight boxes and totes.
  2. The next option is a span track roller style. This flow rack option looks like a miniature version of a conveyor and the rollers can be set at 1”, 2”, or 3” centers depending on product size and weight.
  3. Another great option is called flex track. It is designed with a staggered poly wheel and can be configured with axles set in several positions. Both span track and flex track can be quickly dropped into most pallet rack systems.

Q. What sizes are available?
A. Carton flow tracks will generally range from 36” - 120” in length and are 1” in width, so each product lanes require at least 2 tracks. Some will require additional tracks depending on the product size. Span track roller lanes range in length from 36” - 120” and are available in widths of 6” - 15”. The most common sizes of flex track are 48” - 144” in length and 9” - 16” in width. Longer custom flex track lanes are available.

Q. What's the average capacity of these systems?
A. Capacities of the different flow racking styles will depend on the configuration, the lane or track, the roller center locations, and the unsupported spans in the system. In general, carton flow has the least amount of capacity, span track is mid-level, and flex track is higher capacity when supported properly. Warehouse1 in-house design experts can help you design a system that is suited for your specific needs.

Q. How difficult is gravity flow rack to install?
A. In most cases, it is very easy to install. Span track and flex track specifically can be installed into your current pallet racking with ease. Warehouse1 can provide you with a simple chart to record the measurements of your upright and beam profiles along with sizes and weights of your products. We use this information to design your flow system to drop right into your racks.

Q. How much does a flow rack system cost?
A. In general, carton flow will be the least costly, span track is mid-priced, and flex track is the most expensive. We sell all of these products new, but also carry a wide selection of used material handling equipment, which can help save you money. New tracks range in price from $30-$90 per track.


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