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Material Handling Consulting & Rental Services

You have a trusted material handling and storage partner with Warehouse1. Our expert material handling consultants are each employee owners of the company, setting us apart from the rest!

We take pride in building remarkable relationships by providing a full line of material handling services:

  • Designing and installing your material handling system
  • Creating CAD layout drawings
  • Relocating your warehouse to a new location
  • Repairing your damaged pallet rack
  • Renting or leasing warehouse equipment
  • Reconfiguring your operation to improve productivity
  • Buying your used equipment that no longer fits in your operation
  • Integrating new and used equipment with your current equipment
  • Performing facility surveys
  • Managing all aspects of your project

Contact us today to discuss the right Warehouse1 consultation service for your operation.

Clorox Total 360® Sanitizing & Disinfecting Services: Protect from Pathogens

Clorox Total 360® Cleaning Service offered by Warehouse1 is a full disinfection and sanitization service that tackles bacteria, germs and viruses left on hard, nonporous surfaces. This system uses trusted Clorox liquid products along with their patented Clorox Total 360® Electrostatic Sprayer Technology to prevent the spread of germs, pathogens, and...

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Warehouse Design & Layout Consultants

Maximize the use of your space and the efficiency of your operation. When designing or redesigning the most efficient storage and material handling systems for your operation, we consider the size and weight of your products, the capabilities of your current forklift and other handling equipment, the specifications of your...

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Warehouse Installation Services

A new warehouse installation is much like constructing an entire building from scratch. Of course, the four walls and roof are already in place, but the systems and equipment that make a warehouse run require finesse in planning and construction. When we install equipment in your facility, we make sure it...

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Warehouse Move Planning & Execution Services

If you're relocating your warehouse facility, consider working with Warehouse1 to tear down and reinstall your pallet rack, shelving, and warehouse equipment. Warehouse relocation is a gargantuan undertaking; this isn't your average move. Moving a single-family home across town is one thing, but moving an entire warehouse full of...

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Warehouse Remodeling Services

If the layout of your warehouse just isn't working for you, you may want to consider Warehouse1's reconfiguration service. The layout of a warehouse is the most important factor for maximum output and minimum overhead. A bad layout can lead to safety issues, inefficiency, and significant profit loss. The...

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Warehouse Liquidation Services

Liquidation can be a hassle. Each year, manufacturers, warehouses, and retailers must get rid of excess volumes of unsold or unused products. These products pile up over the course of the year and can lead to some real stress when it comes times to liquidate them. The good news is many...

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Equipment Integration

At Warehouse1, we're good at puzzles, which is perfect when it comes to being a warehouse automation system integrator. Integrating equipment and technology into a warehouse plan is like doing a 1,000-piece puzzle, except in 3D. There are so many components that need to fit together to create a solid...

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Warehouse Equipment Rental / Leasing Options

Warehouse equipment is huge, and hugely expensive. If you're just getting into the industry, it's a large investment to make. Unfortunately, many facility managers make large equipment purchases only to find out the particular gear doesn't fit their needs. There are so many options available for handling equipment...

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Pallet Rack Repair

Repair and restore your existing pallet rack system cost-effectively with minimal or no disruption. Warehouse1’s pallet racking repair program reduces the total expenses and losses associated with flow disruption, while limiting expensive and often unnecessary pallet rack replacement. Repair vs. Replace Budget for your pallet racking repairs without weighing...

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Project Management

You're already busy running the day-to-day operations of your facility. Maybe you've noticed there's room for improvement in a few areas and are dreaming of new systems and equipment that will boost productivity. Or perhaps you've taken on new customers and are in dire need of more...

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Facility Surveys

We offer a full-service facility surveys of industrial warehouse and material-handling facilities. Our goal is to keep your facility operating at top performance levels while adhering to all safety standards. We might save you some money on utilities, too. Our survey is in-depth and comprises three main factors: Lighting Survey ...

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Warehouse Lighting Surveys & Solutions

Your warehouse operations can run non stop depending on whether you are servicing B2B clients or the general public. Products are being delivered, inventoried, and stocked waiting to fulfill orders. Your workers require well-lit operations to retrieve the right products and to ship them out efficiently. Here at Warehouse1, we...

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