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Pallet Rack Repair

Pallet Rack Repair1Repair and restore your existing pallet rack system cost-effectively with minimal or no disruption. Warehouse1’s pallet racking repair program reduces the total expenses and losses associated with flow disruption, while limiting expensive and often unnecessary pallet rack replacement.

Repair vs. Replace

Budget for your pallet racking repairs without weighing safety against cost. Typically, pallet rack repairs can be performed without unloading racks, thus saving time and minimizing disruptions to your operations. Pallet Rack Repair2Our rack repair process efficiently identifies, documents and ranks in order of severity the repairs needed to your existing racks.

Repair Identification & Recommendation Guidelines

Rack repair identification and the subsequent recommendation for corrective action are not currently regulated by any specific governing authority. Therefore, rack repair recommendations are based on guidelines published by the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) in cooperation with the manufacturers of specific rack equipment. Further repair recommendations can be determined through mutual consent.

SEMA Defines Damaged Pallet Rack Systems into Three Specific Categories:

Pallet Rack Repair3


Racks deemed severely damaged and considered “well beyond” the limitations described in SEMA’s damage assessment guidelines.  Damage falling under this category should be immediately rectified.  Racks should be “off loaded” and isolated from future use until repairs or replacements are carried out.


Racks deemed damaged and fall outside SEMA’s damage assessment guidelines but are not deemed severe enough to require immediate repair or replacement attention (beyond the offloading of material(s)).  Repairs or replacement should be scheduled not later than 4 weeks beyond the date of identification.  Racking should not be used in the interim. Pallet Rack Repair 4


Racks deemed damaged but fall within the “acceptable range” (according to SEMA damage assessment guidelines).  These areas should be cataloged and monitored for future action as time and budgets allow.

Warranty Policy

Warehouse1 stands behind our work.  We warrant all repairs against defects in material and workmanship while under normal use and without alteration or misuse.  We agree to repair or replace any faulty repair at no cost to you. There are a variety of factors that can affect the life of a pallet rack system.  These include, but are not limited to, age, load, exposure to elements and care taken in routine loading and unloading of the racks.

Proactive Rack Maintenance

Rack systems subjected to regular and professional maintenance have a considerably longer useful life than those left unattended. warehouse1 acts in the capacity of survey technician, inspector, consultant and in most cases contractor to take corrective measures.  Our pallet rack repair services enable you to systematically address this critical area of safety management, while still sustaining high levels of productivity.

Don’t put your employees, customers or property at risk by ignoring or delaying repairs to your damaged pallet rack.  

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