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Increasing Productivity with Modular In-Plant Offices

Warehouse1's in-plant offices and modular buildings allow you to create the office layout you want. Have questions about which in-plant office will work for you? Warehouse1 offers a wide selection of new and used modular offices for sale. Reach out today to speak with one of our in-house design experts! We can be reached at 888-558-1830 and you can also contact us online.

In-Plant Office FAQs

Q. Do I need an in-plant office?
A. There are several reasons that adding an in-plant modular office may benefit you. One major factor is noise reduction. Employees can be more productive when they are not subject to loud equipment noise. Another factor to consider is safety. With in-plant offices you can protect your employees and equipment from harsh conditions, while securing data and paperwork in a safe and clean environment.

Q. What options are available for modular office construction?
A. The first decisions will be the framing type, wall composition, ceiling, and roof. Once the structure has been selected, we can choose windows and door locations, as well as electricity needs. Based on your specific needs and configuration, you may also want to consider heating and cooling. These in-plant offices can be shipped and assembled on site, or we also offer the option to have the factory assemble and ship the full unit.

Q. What other types of modular units are available?
A. In addition to in-plant modular offices, we offer prefabricated shelters, guard and safety check in buildings, mezzanine and observation towers, as well as full wall partitions. Everything can be customized for your unique application and our in-house design experts are here to help.

Q. What size office should I buy?
A. Let our in-house design experts develop a specific layout of everything that will be in the in-plant building with adequate room for storage of supplies and files if needed. We also suggest that you factor in potential future growth plans before the final decision is made.

Q. Why should I choose a modular office versus conventional construction?
A modular office can be assembled much faster than conventional construction because all of the parts come pre-cut to size for easy assembly. These office buildings are prefabricated, which makes installation fast and easy. This also allows the units to be disassembled, moved, and reinstalled in a new location if needed.


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