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Warehouse Design & Layout Consultants

Maximize the use of your space and the efficiency of your operation. When designing or redesigning the most efficient storage and material handling systems for your operation, we consider the size and weight of your products, the capabilities of your current forklift and other handling equipment, the specifications of your facility, local building and safety codes and most importantly, your goals.

Location Phase

layout-designThe first phase in layout design is to assess the location. If you're building a new facility, the goal is to get as close to your customers as possible to cut down on lead times. Several factors will determine the location of your warehouse: How to provide high-service productivity, such as making the most of the space available, arranging equipment, and implementing energy-saving measures. How to provide productivity at low operational cost. The layout of your warehouse also contributes to productivity, as do key safety features and dependable equipment. How to create a network that offers better service than competitors do. The benefits of a positive environment and improved productivity will be passed on to your customers, and in turn, back to your business. While keeping your customers in mind, we design layouts that optimize operations and decrease the resources you need to do so. That way, you can offer your customers better, faster, and more cost-effective service.

Design Phase After we have found an appropriate location, or if you're retrofitting an existing facility, we go straight to the design phase, and we assess operational data to gain insight into your facility’s goals. Using this data, we analyze daily production and receiving cycles. We also use the data to account for changing inventory levels throughout the day. This information helps us create a layout that speeds processes and creates flow through the workspace. By knowing where products are coming from, where they're being stored, and how often they're moving through the facility, we can create a design that uses space wisely. One of the main components in layout design is optimizing the ability to accommodate various types of pallet loads. Some warehouses handle single pallets with one SKU, which is easy to receive and easy to store. Other warehouses, however, handle loads of chemical materials and other substances, which need to be quarantined and tested before storing. Whether you're handling pallet loads with one SKU or 1000, we design a receiving area that can support operations. We make sure you have ample dock and receiving space.

Optimizing Picking and Storage We optimize the placement and alignment of pallet racks. The most influential factor of warehouse design is the ability to store and retrieve pallets easily and safely. This is where layout design really shines. The arrangement of your pallet racks is critical to the workflow, and ultimately the output, of your facility. Warehouse1 can optimize layouts for carton flow racks, pushbacks, cantilever, and drive-in systems. No matter how you store your pallets, Warehouse1 will make sure they're easy to pick. Our layout designs are built to accommodate material flow, picking and storage, material handling, and building layout. Above all, we offer scalable solutions that will grow with your facility. So if you need to expand, you're able to do so without complete renovations. If you’d like to learn more about Warehouse1's comprehensive layout design services, contact us today.

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