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New and Used Warehouse Lift Equipment

When you need to get personnel and material quickly from one side of the warehouse to another or from the floor to the ceiling, having the right piece of lift equipment makes all the difference. Forklifts, personnel carriers, lift tables, scissor lifts, and stackers all mobilize your workforce and inventory while increasing efficiency and safety.

Lifts are used for raising inventory up for storage, or bringing it down to ground level when needed. They can be dynamic with the ability to move materials around your space or stationary depending on your needs. There are manual, electric, and gas powered options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for lift equipment to perform a construction job or to improve productivity around the warehouse, we’ve got both new and used options that will work. Shop Warehouse1’s selection of tables, trucks, platforms and more and contact our experts with any questions you may have.

Lift Equipment FAQs

Q. What is a lift table?
A. A lift table is generally a hydraulic lift that you can set a pallet or bulk box on for picking and packing applications. As you pick layers of product off the top, the unit can be raised for more ergonomic workspace. Some lifts have a tilt option, meaning the table not only lifts but it will also tilt the material towards you for greater efficiency.

Q. Do you sell used forklifts?
Quality used forklifts can be a challenge to find. At Warehouse1, we do sell used units through one of our partners that has in-house mechanics and offers reconditioning when needed. These units come and go fairly quickly, so you can find some used forklifts here, but most are not listed on our website. If you’re not finding what you want please contact us with your specific needs.

Q. What are the most popular lift equipment accessories that you sell?
A. Man lifts, or forklift platforms, are always popular. Man lifts mount to the forks of your lift to create a personnel lift for changing light bulbs or other aerial maintenance related jobs. Forklift extensions are another popular product. These can help aid in loading and unloading longer material with ease. Scales are also popular and we often have used or reconditioned units in stock. They can help you cut out the step of taking each pallet to the floor scale before they ship.


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