Largest inventory of "NEW and USED" material handling equipment in the Midwest

Our storage design experts on staff can assist in increasing your profits by implementing types of warehouse systems and solutions that maximizes efficiency and lowers operational costs. In addition to having one of the largest selection new and used Pallet Racking inventory in the Midwest we are centrally located in Kansas City which provides us a competitive shipping advantage over our competitors.

With our 27+ years of experience in warehouse racking and equipment we can assist you in all your material handling equipment needs. If you are upgrading your operation, we can integrate reconditioned, new or used material handling equipment with your existing racking and shelving, saving you BIG off the price of new! Contact us today for products and services that will improve both storage and distribution operations.


Our Difference

MVP Award Diversity of Suppliers and Partners

We are a national distributor for numerous material handling equipment and system manufacturers. Featuring a large selection of Pallet Rack Beams, Pallet Rack Uprights and Wire Decking.

Range of Services

We offer design and installation services and complete project development and management. Our fabrication shop integrates new and reconditioned products into your custom designed project. We also provide savings on transportation costs with our shipping and handling knowledge.

Personal Commitment to You

Our representatives will work close with your team to develop a project plan that meets objectives. That plan ensures you derive the greatest value for each dollar spent.

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"They did everything they said they would. I would definitely buy more pallet racks from them!" - Jon M., Olathe
"Most of my warehouse pallet racks came from WH1. Everything is great there!" - Kenny S., Kansas City
"They've been treating me great for 20 years. I recommend them to anyone who needs shelving." - George D., Kansas City
"They actually went and did more than I expected!" - Johnathan P., Lawrence
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