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Industrial Storage Cabinets

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Commercial Cabinets for Sale

Whether you're looking to store your tools, parts hardware, or office supplies, we carry a wide selection of high quality industrial cabinets to suit your needs. Options range anywhere from metal cabinets that can be anchored in the ground to mobile units on wheels with drawers. Many of the cabinets have adjustable shelving inside the doors or space to store different sized bins.

We also carry secure cylinder cabinets where you can safely store your chemicals, gases and flammables. They have locking abilities and adhere to OSHA standards.

Shop both new and used storage cabinets at great prices. If you’re not sure which type would work best for your warehouse or space, contact the experts at Warehouse1 for help. If none of the available units will work for you, we also sell specialty cabinets for medical, law enforcement, and many other industries. We work with several different manufacturers so we may be able to find a stock size and style that will work for you. If not, we can customize a unit for your specific application.

Cabinets FAQs

Q. What style of cabinet should I buy?
A. Do you want to store office supplies, tools, electronics, paint, or gas? Some of the most popular units we sell are our metal cabinets. They are sturdy and excellent for storing office supplies or other non-flammable items. Another popular option is our modular drawer cabinets that work great for tools storage, small parts, and electronics.

Q. How do I select the right modular cabinet?
A. Picking the right unit depends on your needs. Would you like to use the top of it as a workstation or is it for storage only? What types of items will be stored in the cabinet and what are the sizes? This will help you determine specifics like height, the number of drawers needed, the size of drawers needed, and if you need locking capabilities. Keep in mind that the drawers can also be customized with modular inserts to divide each drawer for your specific need.


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