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facility-surveysWe offer a full-service facility surveys of industrial warehouse and material-handling facilities. Our goal is to keep your facility operating at top performance levels while adhering to all safety standards. We might save you some money on utilities, too. Our survey is in-depth and comprises three main factors:

Lighting Survey

We’ll come to your facility and analyze your lighting based on a variety of checkpoints. Warehouse lighting can get very expensive very quickly, so we make it our mission to help you cut down on energy costs. We can help you retrofit your lighting to more energy-efficient systems to save you money. New lighting technology can save up to 50 percent on energy usage, which amounts to a savings of nearly 60 percent on lighting costs. Additionally, new lights emit more lumens, making your facility a safer, more productive workplace.

If your facility uses inefficient metal halide lights, we’ll recommend retrofitting for T5 or T8 high-output lighting fixtures. These fixtures are much more efficient and brighter, too. Your local power company most likely offers incentives to switch to efficient lighting to offset the cost of installation. Your facility will run on energy-efficient lights that offer more lumens than previous systems. In fact, they’re so bright we’ve found it makes workers more comfortable and safer.

Efficiency Survey

We assess the efficiency of your facility as a whole. We evaluate your entire operation and look for productivity that we might be able to improve. By looking at your operational process and other factors, we’ll work with you to develop a plan to help maximize productivity. Our goal is to help you improve productivity and cut down on resources and expenses.

Safety Survey

One of the most important points of our facility survey is the safety component. Regular safety surveys are critical for keeping in line with Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations. Warehouses can be some of the most dangerous work environments for employees, so compliance with OSHA and other safety standards is critical. Between training employees, creating and implementing workplace safety practices, and maintaining safety standards, there’s a lot of room for error in a busy facility.

Partner With Warehouse1 for Guaranteed Security

Warehouse1 will make sure all the correct safety features are in place and that your team is adhering to all regulations. Additionally, we’ll check pallet rack and storage systems and make any necessary repairs. Pallet rack overload is a common mistake in storage facilities and is one of the main causes of workplace injuries. Let Warehouse1 inspect the capacity of your storage systems and help you if we find an issue. Our technicians can repair or replace damaged pallet systems, if necessary.

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Safety Survey

Ensuring your company has the right procedures in place to prevent injuries and illness is crucial to OSHA compliance. When it comes to safety, you have a lot on your plate: properly training employees, creating safe work practices and maintaining a safe work environment. Here are two Safety Surveys that Warehouse1 provides:

Material Capacity Survey

Are your pallet racks overloaded? Unfortunately, it’s a common and easy mistake to make. Overloading pallet rack is a leading cause of rack failure and the injuries and damages that can result. We’ll help you put an end to this problem. Warehouse1 will thoroughly inspect the capacity of your pallet rack systems. We’ll check for damages and deflection in your pallet rack beams and uprights. We’ll inspect for proper pallet rack connections and attachments. Our inspectors provide documentation of their findings and the means necessary to take action to correct issues.

Pallet Rack Repair

Repair and restore your existing pallet rack system cost-effectively with minimal or no disruption. Warehouse1’s pallet racking repair program reduces the total expenses and losses associated with flow disruption, while limiting expensive and often unnecessary pallet rack replacement.

Efficiency Survey

Improve your operational efficiency to increase profits. Warehouse1 works with you to evaluate your operation and create a plan to maximize productivity and minimize expenses. Together, we’ll define your objectives, discuss issues and concerns, measure your current operation and perform process and slotting analysis. From our analysis, we’ll provide you with an actionable plan that will increase your productivity, allowing your operation to accomplish more with fewer resources.

Lighting Survey

Energy Efficient Lighting

Retrofitting your facility with an industrial energy efficient lighting system saves energy costs and the environment while increasing your lighting and productivity levels. Your facility most likely uses metal halide lighting fixtures as millions of facilities in the country still use these inefficient fixtures. Replacing metal halide fixtures with energy efficient lighting fixtures such as T5 High Output (T5HO) or T8 fixtures brings you immediate benefits:
  • save energy costs
  • increase lighting levels
  • save the environment
  • increase productivity levels
Metal Hallide
Metal Hallide
T5HO Energy Efficient Lamp
T5HO Energy Efficient Lamp

Save Energy Costs

A simple retrofit with minimal design or engineering can decrease electricity usage by more than 50%. This translates to reduction in lighting related costs by more than 50%. An energy efficient lighting design often boasts cost savings of 60%. A T5HO lamp has an average life of 35,000 hours, compared to 20,000 hours with a metal halide lamp, saving on industrial lighting costs.

Light Fixtures That Pay for Themselves!

Check out this cost savings analysis, demonstrating savings gained from switching out your existing metal halide fixtures with energy efficient lighting fixtures. *Savings based on 500 fixtures running 6700 hours at $0.08 per kwh. Actual savings can be dramatically higher when taking into consideration transmission, peak demand, taxes and other surcharges. The cost savings analysis shows how much an industrial energy efficient lighting system saves you BEFORE incentives available from your local power and light company to encourage these changes to more efficient fixtures.

Save the Environment

Reduction in energy usage decreases the amount of air pollution (carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides) generated from burning fossil fuels.
Increase Lighting Levels
Metal halide lamps lose lumens, or ability to light, every time they are turned on. By the middle of their 20,000 hour life, they put out only 45% of their original lumens. T5HO lamps maintain 94% of their lumens until the end of their life. Lumen-Maintenance-Eifficiency-Chart Metal halide fixtures can take up to 10 minutes to re-light, whereas T5HO energy efficient lighting fixtures re-strike instantly. T5HO fixtures have a closer color rendering index (85) to daylight (100) than do metal halide fixtures (65). The higher the CRI, the more vibrant the color and greater the visual clarity. Westinghouse-Energy-Efficient-Lighting-Comparison An energy efficient lighting design limits wasted light. T5HO fixtures make more sense for aisles as the beam is linear. The round beam of metal halide fixtures wastes light in aisles. Application-Efficiency-Chart
Increase Productivity Levels
Research from Westinghouse Lighting Solutions has found that in facilities where metal halide fixtures were replaced with energy efficient lighting systems, absenteeism decreased, while employee morale and correct order picking increased. T5 lights provide a much healthier and comfortable environment to work in, resulting in happier people with higher productivity! All data for charts provided by Westinghouse Lighting Solutions

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