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Facility Accessories

Improve the safety and security of your facility. Facility accessories protect your building, inventory and employees while on the job. Enhance your warehouse or distribution center with bollards and posts, building column protectors, folding gates, guard railing, safety mirrors and other facility accessories.

Used Facility Accessories

A very common option for Facility Accessories is buying used. Part of the reason is that buying Used equipment can save you up to 30% compared to buying new. Along with the savings, there is virtually no difference between the two options, with the possible changes in physical appearance. While it can be cost effective, always make sure you know what you’re buying. Some tips for purchasing Used facility accessories include: Always inspect a used product in person when possible, if you can’t inspect it ask for photos, research the company’s reliability (WH1 is well known for the quality of our Used Products), and always ask as many questions as you can. Our knowledgeable staff is capable of answering anything you can think of.

Facility Accessories FAQs

Q. What additional protection can I provide for my facility?
A. Employee and facility protection are a high priority for all of our clients. We recommend that all employee walk areas adjacent to forklift traffic be protected by guardrail. We stock new guardrail in several heights and lengths and we can customize a solution for your facility. Many clients also chose to protect their in plant offices, electronics, and other sensitive areas with guardrail, bollards, and machine guards. A small investment in protection up front can save you a lot of money in the future.

Q. What size building column wrap should I buy?
A. The building column wraps that we offer come in many heights and widths depending on the type of building column that you have. Most of the building column wraps that we sell are generally for a square I-beam type column and range in size from 8” to 12”. Occasionally, we’ll sell wraps to fit round columns with the most popular size in the 9” range. These wraps are easy to install and are a very affordable way to protect your facility from lift equipment damage.

Q. What safety measures can I take in and around my dock?
A. Client's purchase expandable safety gates that they roll out when dock doors are open, but not in use. This added safety feature ensures that an employee does not fall off the dock, allows for some airflow into the building when needed, and is a way to limit access when the dock door is open.


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