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Warehouse Remodeling Services

If the layout of your warehouse just isn't working for you, you may want to consider Warehouse1's reconfiguration service. The layout of a warehouse is the most important factor for maximum output and minimum overhead. A bad layout can lead to safety issues, inefficiency, and significant profit loss. The equipment and systems inside your warehouse are a big investment, so don't waste it on an inefficient layout. We’re experienced in design, construction, and technology across a variety of material-handling industries. Often, a newly built warehouse has a properly designed layout, but as demands increase and business expands, the layout decreases in efficiency. Sometimes, the warehouse was poorly designed from the get-go. Either way, warehouse reconfiguration is much more cost-effective than the alternative – expanding or relocating. We're equipped to handle reconfigurations of every size, no matter the complexity.

Inventory Assessment and Layout Design

warehouse-reconfiguration We'll first meet with you to assess your existing inventory and goals. We'll help you plan a layout that works based on your individual needs. If you're having issues picking and storing pallets, you may need a new system or simply need to change the layout of your existing systems. If you're lead times are lagging, you may need to rethink dock space or fine-tune your inventory management equipment. No matter the case, we can design the perfect solution for you and then implement it. We can do this because of the other services we offer. We're experienced in facility surveying, equipment integration, layout design, installation, moving, and more. We have a deep and wide knowledge of the warehouse industry and what makes for an efficient facility.  

Reconfiguration With Little Impact to You

Once we design a more efficient layout, we'll start planning how we're going to navigate the reconfiguration. Think of it like a game of Tetris. Our goal is fully reconfigure your facility with little or no impact to you. This means we have to make all the pieces fit within the space we're given. We'll coordinate moving your inventory, pallet racks, shelving, and storage systems around your daily operations. We shift things around without getting in your way. Most of the time, we can do this without affecting your daily operations at all. That means no down time for your facility. Best of all, if you find usable old equipment during the reconfiguration, we'll buy it back from you. Our buy back and liquidation program means you can free up even more space by getting rid of old equipment you no longer need. Many times, we find layout inefficiencies were in part due to unnecessary equipment and storage systems. Let us take your old equipment off your hands. At Warehouse1, we offer full service across a variety of warehouse and material-handling industries. We have over 25 years’ experience in designing, installing, moving, and reconfiguring facilities. Our marketplace of new, used, and reconditioned equipment allows us to sell anything you don't need and supply the equipment you do need. If you’d like to learn more about how Warehouse1 can reconfigure your facility to run at maximum output and minimum cost, contact us today.

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