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January 21, 2020

20% Off: Teardrop Pallet Rack
& Wire Deck

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Used Teardrop Beam
96″ x 3 1/2″
Used Teardrop Upright
42″ x 240″
Used Pallet Supports

Regular $22.98

96″L x 3 1/2″Face

Condition: Used

Style: Old Style

1 5/8″ Step

Item #: 161374


Regular $129.98

42″D x 240″H

Condition: Used

Style: Old Style

1 5/8″ x 3″ Column

Item #: 190463


Regular $4.40

Fits 42″ Deep Upright

Condition: Used

Style: Roll-In

38 1/4″ Actual Length

Item #: 190264

Sale Ends Tuesday, 1/28/20!

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