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Government & Military Storage Solutions


Our government covers a wide variety of jobs and duties that all play an important role in serving our country. This comes with a lot of paperwork that needs to be efficiently stored, and a variety of storage needs for law enforcement and the military. As an employee owned small business, Warehouse1 prides itself in offering products that help to serve our federal, state and local governments.

Record Storage: record-storage-shelving-largeRecord Storage provides high density storage for all of the important paperwork that comes through to government officials. These storage systems are highly customizable and can be made to fit in your storage area.  

Weapon Storage: weapons-storageLaw enforcement and military personnel carry specialized equipment that needs to be secured when not in their hands. Weapon Storage systems provide safety and security to store that equipment in police stations, armories and other locations. Warehouse1 can help provide a solution to your storage needs with customized storage systems.  

Shelving: boltless-rivet-shelvingShelving is always in demand whether it’s for the equipment of local fire fighters, tools for the Department of Transportation or even evidence storage for police officers. Warehouse1 carries a wide variety of shelving that can handle any job.  

Warehouse1 also helps government agencies looking to purchase these common material handling systems as well...

  • pallet racking
  • cantilever racking
  • mobile aisle shelving
  • mezzanines
  • 463L pallet conveyors
  • TA-50 lockers
  • security cages
  • wire partitions
  • and other storage equipment and services

Save With Used

Warehouse1 wants to help you cut costs and make your company as profitable as possible.  A great way to achieve that goal is purchasing used material handling products.  Buying used inventory can save you up to 60% on individual items, and those savings add up when piecing together a full warehouse/distribution center/manufacturing facility.  Also look into our Equipment Buy Back Guarantee and discover how we help companies grow by reducing the cost of expansion.


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