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Choose Warehouse1 Installation Services to Avoid Common Mistakes

The process of installation is not as easy as it looks. DIYers, private contractors, and even large construction teams are apt to make mistakes. Not intentionally of course, but without experience, it is easy to overlook small details that make up complex building codes. Sometimes installers select the wrong materials, or forget a continuous handrail. When you select Warehouse1, you know you are getting the expert treatment needed to keep you and your work environment safe.

Avoid the Common MistakesInstallation Services

Our teams are called to work sites to correct installation errors all the time. We see the same types of problems over and over. By hiring the experienced technicians at Warehouse1, you get the benefit of knowing everything is safe and sturdy. We are ready to handle your needs and prevent these problems:

  • Using incorrect hardware. Often overlooked, using the wrong hardware to install hangers and other load-bearing storage is structurally unsound, and it is dangerous to your team. We have seen deck screws used to attach joist hangers, and the wrong-length bolt used to secure stairways and platforms.
  • Overspanning. Wood and plastic composite materials need to be a certain length to maintain structural integrity. It is important to adhere to the manufacturer’s specifications when spanning decking, roofing, and shelving.
  • Installing stairs to code. Stairs have a mandatory riser height. Failing to meet these requirements invalidates your building to code. Riser heights are set to make it comfortable for workers carrying heavy loads.
  • Improper weight support. Storage facilities and warehouses that need shelving to support massive pallets of material goods need to have the proper support. This means properly-spaced beams and the right shelving material.

Blocked or unsupported platforms. Mezzanines and other raised platform equipment are great because they provide additional storage space without expanding the size of your warehouse. However, even free-standing mezzanines need to be placed and supported properly, and enough space must be given around walkways and storage to prevent accidents.

About Our Services

Warehouse1 uses only the most experienced, certified members to handle any difficult installation that you require. We are capable of handling installation for al material handling equipment and storage needs, including pallet racks, scaffolding and accessories, shelving, cantilevers, mezzanines, lockers, conveyors, and high density storage systems. We even handle energy efficient lighting. All of our installations are backed by the guarantee that we will meet all building codes, load requirements, and safety requirements requested by your engineers. Contact us today at Warehouse1 to take advantage of our installation services.

By Gary Selvera On June 11, 2015


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