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Energy and Efficiency in Warehouses

Most businesses want to be environmentally conscious. However, getting business owners and executives to implement sustainability measures can be difficult. If a business involves warehouses in any capacity, that difficulty may increase.

One main concern for owners is that a large warehouse will take too much money and manpower to make it sustainable. In reality, making a warehouse sustainable carries more benefits than deficits. The Warehouse1 staff has highlighted a few of these to show you our commitment to sustainability and help your business become more sustainable.

Increase in Health and Safety

According to the National Safety Council, workplace accidents cost $36,000 on average. Many of these accidents involve slips, falls, falling objects striking employees, and electrical problems. Making your warehouse more environmentally conscious can reduce or eliminate some of these causes. For example, slips and falls are less likely to occur in a well-lit warehouse. Energy-efficient bulbs and natural daylight, particularly in large spaces where many employees work several hours a day, are sustainable ways to achieve this. Warehouse Efficiency

Additionally, increased sustainability will assure your workers’ overall health. Employees may inhale large quantities of gas fumes if they work in a warehouse where large forklifts are used to load and transport inventory. Maneuvering inventory and the forklifts themselves may lead to employee injuries, which in turn can cause temporary or permanent disabilities. Small sustainability measures, such as decreasing floor space so smaller forklifts can be used, will keep employees healthy and morale high.

Easier Compliance

Many businesses, including warehouses, are expected to meet stricter energy codes such as ASHRAE 90.1. Sustainability measures such as improved lighting, decreased fossil fuel use, and use of recyclable materials make it easier for warehouses to meet these expectations. Furthermore, implementing sustainability measures early in a business’s existence may decrease inspector visits, increasing overall productivity.

Better Employee Retention

The economy’s slow recovery means millions of Americans are still eager to find jobs. Potential employees, though, leave quickly if they feel their workplace is unsafe, unsanitary, or otherwise not conducive to high-quality work. Increased environmental consciousness can help you retain employees and attract new ones. Employees know a green business is one in which good health, frugality, and nature are valued. They also recognize a green business is innovative, which tells them their creativity and suggestions will be appreciated.

Overall Savings

While it’s true that sustainability measures will result in high startup costs, revenue will steadily increase once the measures are in place. Electricity, HVAC, and computer upgrades will help you attract new customers, especially those with deep concerns for the environment. Your existing customers are likely to visit more often and may even purchase more inventory.

For more information on revolutionizing your storage space, contact Warehouse1 today.

By Gary Selvera On July 8, 2015


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