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How Do I Create More Storage Space With a Mezzanine?

A mezzanine can help you maximize you storage space and improve overall productivity. Running out of room is inevitable for successful companies. As revenue streams grow, so does the need to accommodate inventory and personnel – and to handle warehouse space more efficiently. When expansion isn’t an option, see how a mezzanine can help you get the most out what you have.

mezzanineDouble Your Storage Space

It sounds like a dubious claim, but simply adding a mezzanine or catwalk can double your space. In one case study, Honeywell, a Fortune 100 company, installed a mezzanine to expedite work flow and create more efficient storage. By adding designated work areas and a repair shop, Honeywell managed to take advantage of previously unused vertical space. This, in turn, allowed it to maximize inventory control, reduce overhead costs, and expedite repairs.

Considerations for Your Mezzanine

A mezzanine can be an economical alternative to warehouse expansion, but there are several factors you should consider. A free standing mezzanine is cost effective, and can be moved around as the circumstances require. Custom mezzanines carry a heftier price tag, but can be made especially for your load size. Rack and shelving mezzanines can be limited in their depth, but may work best for your needs. So what should you consider with your mezzanine?

Managing Loads

The first thing to decide is what you’re going to use a mezzanine for. For general storage, the requirement is 125 psf; 200 psf for heavy storage; and for offices, 70 to 100 psf.

Meeting Building Codes

You’ll always want to make sure your vision complies with local building codes. A structure over eight feet high typically needs to adhere to these regulations. It might be a wise idea to hire an engineer familiar with the manufacturer of your mezzanine for guidance.

Storage Applications

How do you want to structure your mezzanine? Rack and shelving units can be narrow, allowing for a three to four foot aisle width, but they’re a good choice for things like bins, boxes, or tires. You should also consider catwalk load, movement of products from one level to another, and the kind of access you require to reach upper levels.

Do you need help choosing a storage unit or versatile expansion that suits your desires? At Warehouse1, we can walk you through the process of maximizing your warehouse space. Feel free to contact us at Warehouse1 for more information.

By Gary Selvera On September 25, 2015


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