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How to Cut Costs in a Warehouse Startup

Many businesses looking to relocate to a new warehouse or start a new one want to do so quickly and efficiently. The cost of business is high for every additional day required to get the new facility up and running. Tracking inventory, packing, unpacking, paying employees, and installing equipment is expensive, so enterprises are increasingly looking to simplify the process.

The Challenges of a Warehouse StartupWarehouse1 Services

Organizations go through a startup many times in their lifetime, and it never seems to get easier. This is partly because the reasons for the startup differ.

Maybe the lease is up, and the company wants to outsource the space to another client. Other times their needs for the space are short-term, and the cost of transfer is high. It usually takes between 30 and 60 days to get a new facility up and running. The various obstacles include:

Access points Safety concerns Electrical installation Switches Dedicated data lines IT and technology installation

A new space unused as a warehouse takes much longer to implement, and special-needs customers, like those in the food industry, have extra considerations. This dramatically increases the startup cost for a company, even for those experienced with the process.

Improving the Process

Communication, information sharing, wireless, and mobile technologies have all made it easier to streamline project timelines and keep everyone on the same page. Cellular technology and mesh networks, for instance, are finding increasing use with remote construction facilities and the healthcare industry. These technologies and other special software provide solutions that make it much easier to maximize facility space and improve the company’s adaptability to the project.

One example is from HP and Google, who introduced the IT-in-a-Box solution for multiple locations. This allows for a wireless mesh experience that can get a new warehouse in action in less than two weeks. This also allows clients to take advantage of Warehouse Management software and a complete range of radio frequency technology. The great thing about new technology is that it’s not a 3-ton piece of equipment, or a deployable workforce that requires lodging and manpower costs.

You can take this technology and move it around the country at a fraction of the price with sharp turnaround. So if you have one warehouse going up in Charlotte in August and a second in Seattle the following month, the coordinating cost savings are enormous. Many companies save 20-30% on labor. If you need to move your warehouse to a new facility, it pays to do so with an expert by your side.

Warehouse1 excels at equipment, inventory, and office space transfer so you can conduct your move without missing any of the details. We will help you prepare for the change, itemize your inventory, set up the new facility, install storage and equipment, and be ready to go in no time. Give us a call today!

By Gary Selvera On June 18, 2015


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