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How to Measure Beams & Pallet Racks for Pallet Storage

Consumers have many shelving options. Since there are a variety of durable choices, researching which systems work best for warehouse storage can be confusing. Understanding how to measure beams to match existing structures can pinpoint what will work for you.

Learning how to measure space for new structures also enables warehouse owners to create storage plans for appropriate pallet sizes. A number of sources exist to help entrepreneurs with this dilemma. Once achieved, they will enjoy many new options to expand buildings.

How to Measure Existing Beams

Beam Measuring When beginning to measure beams to match to new ones, it is vital to match the length of the beam correctly. There should be an accurate measurement performed at all times; the smallest millimeter can make a big difference. Beams can be modified, as well, which is another reason to make sure measurements are accurate. There are two types of pallet beams:

  • Box Beams. These are fully enclosed and usually used for heavier loads. They are best for storing pallets or boxes on timber decking
  • Open Beams. Manufactured from a single formed steel section, these are more common with lighter loads.

Every builder needs to take appropriate steps to guarantee their design pallet racks meet the configurations and needs of the builder. In determining beam factors, builders should:

  1. Determine the depth and width of the pallet.
  2. Determine the load depth, load width, load height, and width of the largest load.
  3. Determine the front-to-back depth of the uprights by subtracting 6” from the pallet depth.
  4. Determine the beam width, which assumes two pallets per beam, by multiplying the load width 2x2 and adding 12”.
  5. Check the beam capacity to ensure the specified beams will carry the planned load. A builder should not exceed beam capacity.

To determine upright height, a builder should:

  • Multiply the number of pallets high stored minus one pallet x 10”.
  • Multiply the number of pallets stored minus one pallet by the overall load height.
  • Add the two numbers. This provides the upright height.
  • The process is just as easy for determining the size of the wire deck.

Beam Measuring Steps include:

1. First, determine if step beams are going to be used. If they are, flared, waterfall, or drop-in style mesh can be used: Measure the depth of the upright frame Measure the length of the pallet rack beam Measure the channel

2. If a box/structural beam will be used, go with flared or universal wire mesh decking. The builder would not need to find the channel measurement. He or she would only need to:

  • Measure the depth of the upright frame
  • Measure the length of the pallet rack beam

When measuring beams, accuracy is important. What is right for one type of beam may not be right for another. It is vital for the builder to determine what works best for them. Consumers may have many shelving options, but luckily, the also have many resources.

Warehouse1 is a materials handling enterprise that is ready to meet your needs. Reach out to us at Warehouse1 for more information on beams for pallet storage.

By Gary Selvera On April 7, 2015


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