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How to Choose the Right Teardrop Style Pallet Rack (Video)

teardrop pallet rack select the right rack

A teardrop pallet rack is a storage shelving system typically found in warehouses. It uses an inverted teardrop shaped hole connector to secure the shelving beams in place without any hardware needed.

We've created a series of "how to" guides to select the correct style rack for your specific application. First off is teardrop style rack. Check out our video and transcription below. If you'd like to select the right teardrop rack right now, visit our teardrop pallet rack page.

Choosing Teardrop Rack

Teardrop racks are by far the most popular style of pallet racks in the market today. But not all of them are created equal. It is important to identify which specific type of teardrop shelving you need, be it "new-style" or "old-style," that will suit your existing system (if you're looking to match).

Teardrop Pallet Racking Styles: "Old Style" vs "New Style"

The two main styles of teardrop rack we're going to discuss are an old-style upright versus a new-style upright and an old-style/round pin teardrop beam versus a new-style/shaved button teardrop beam. Not all teardrop components are compatible with each other. A round button/old-style beam more than likely is not going to fit the square hole of a new-style teardrop upright. And it doesn't.

However, while an old-style/round button teardrop beam will not fit a new-style teardrop upright, a new-style/shaved button teardrop beam will fit both a new-style upright as well as an old-style upright. So, a new-style teardrop beam is compatible with both new-style and old-style uprights, and gives you the most flexibility.

But, an old-style teardrop beam will only work with an old-style teardrop configured hole. It's important to note if you're adding teardrop rack to your system that you identify what you currently have so you can match your components correctly.

Safety Clips for Teardrop Pallet Racks

It's also important to remember that teardrop-style beams, new from the factory, come with a safety clip. Many times, these safety clips will break off due to installation or forklift abuse.

Because it's very important to keep your both your equipment and your employees safe, we recommend after-market safety clips. If you do lose a clip, get either a J-lock style or an aftermarket clip that will fit your teardrop beam. This will keep both your material and employees safe.

Need Help?

Here at Warehouse1 we have a huge facility, 25 acres large, filled with new, used, and reconditioned teardrop style racking. Contact us today so we can help you get the right teardrop rack that you need!

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By Gary Selvera On June 21, 2018


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