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How to Use a Pallet Jack (Video)

Putting together our Warehouse1 pallet jack is easy: and so is using it! There are a few things to know about the functions of the handle and how to safely pull your load. Once you know these few simple steps, your pallet jack will be ready to roll.


1. Know the three functions of the handle

Employee demonstrates how to use a pallet jack.

There are three functions on your handle: the down, neutral and up position. The down position is to lift your load. The neutral position is to move the load and the up position is to lower the load when your done using your pallet jack.

2. Push Pallet jack forks into the pallet openings

Once you lower the forks by pushing the handle up, push the forks into the pallet openings of your load.

3. Pump pallet jack handle down to lift load

Crank the pallet jack enough to be able to move your load easily. The height might depend how smooth your warehouse floors are.

4. Put handle in neutral position to move load to destination

Once you get it off the floor, put your handle in the neutral (middle) position. Now you can safely move your load to your destination.

5. Lift up on handle slowly to lower load in place

Now once your load is where you want it, lift up on the handle. This will lower your load to the ground, and now you can safely pull your pallet jack out.

6. Remove pallet jack from the pallet

Now, your done using your pallet jack. Remove it from the pallet and you're good to go!

If you have any questions about our Warehouse1 pallet jacks or how to use them, call us at 816-483-6999 or visit our contact page.

By Gary Selvera On November 20, 2019


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