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Make the Most of Moving to a New Warehouse Space

Moving to a new warehouse is an opportunity to step up your company’s game, throw out outdated inventory, and increase your day-to-day productivity by making your space more efficient. But what steps should you take to avoid unnecessary hang-ups and guarantee you make the right decisions? Here are a few tips for the best possible relocation:

Stay Legal and Be Safe

Coding and zoning laws can get complicated. Even if you aren’t moving to a warehouse in a new town, laws and regulations can differ depending on area. Research any permits you may need before you start to move your inventory. Before moving in, ensure the safety of your new space is up to par. Check that there is an obvious path to all emergency exits – marking its outline with bright tape is often helpful – and that they're clearly marked.

Semi truck with Warehouse Relocation on the side of its trailer.

Look at What You Have

Do you have outdated inventory or models you’ve discontinued? This is the perfect time to sell or write off all these old items. Examine your inventory to see if you could benefit from special areas in your new warehouse. Would you benefit from an area of temperature-controlled storage, for example? Take the time to plan the relocation, including what you hope to gain from your new warehouse. Account for when you need to have everything set up, and consider whether you'll benefit more from downsizing or upsizing. Work with a team experienced in warehouse relocation to set out an effective layout, including any new pallet racking systems or other storage additions.

Look at Where You Were

Taking careful stock of your old warehouse space can help you determine what could be good changes in the new space and what might benefit from staying the same. Over a few days, watch the busiest paths in your warehouse to determine how those might be made more accessible and efficient. You might even be able to see heavy traffic markings on the floor of the warehouse. You want your inventory to be organized in a way that makes sense.

Ask Those Who Know

Often, warehouse employees and their supervisors have the best idea of how a warehouse operates daily. Ask long-term employees and supervisors what they would benefit from in a new space and if they have any suggestions for the space that could improve workflow. As a bonus, they’ll feel more connected to the new warehouse and involved in the decision-making process.

Create a Plan

With all your previously gained insight in mind, plan the layout for your warehouse based on what makes sense for your particular needs. Use your layout to figure out the shelving and storage materials, so you can buy efficiently before you move in.

Relocating With Warehouse1

Work with Warehouse1 if you're considering a relocation. We can help you navigate the entire process, from planning logistics to installing your new equipment. You can even take advantage of our buy-back program if you're looking to downsize or sell old equipment. Relocation, installation, and consultation are just a few of the services we provide, so talk to the experts at Warehouse1 today to ensure your new space is organized for maximum use and safety.

By Gary Selvera On August 20, 2015


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