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Why Do I Need Cantilever Rack for My Operation?

Cantilever racking is a freestanding storage system which employs a cantilever support arrangement for its individual racks or shelves.  A cantilever system is one where a load bearing arm is supported at one end only.  With no other vertical supports involved, the racks easily accommodate materials longer than the rack span. Cantilever rack is the right choice for storing lumber, furniture, steel bars, pipe, tubing and any other long heavy items. Cantilever racks are designed with three components: uprights, arms and braces.

Cantilever racking

Cantilever Uprights

Consisting of a horizontal base and a vertical column, cantilever rack uprights may be used as a single or double sided system. Each edge of the column is punched vertically often on 3″ centers where cantilever arms are attached. Holes are provided in the base of the upright to anchor the upright to the floor. Do not place cantilever arms on the back side of a single sided upright and base as it is not supported.

Cantilever Uprights

Cantilever Arms

Cantilever rack arms are the heart of the cantilever rack system. There are straight arms used for storing stable loads such as lumber, steel sheets, cartons and skids. Inclined arms are for loads that tend to roll such as pipe, bars and tubing.  Arms are fully adjustable up and down the upright to accommodate a variety of items.

Cantilever Arms

Brace Sets

Structural members that are fastened to pairs of uprights, cantilever rack braces give lateral stability to the rack system. Often sold in sets instead of individual pieces, braces are measured from centerline of one upright to the centerline of the next upright. The taller and heavier duty cantilever rack systems have more complex braces than shorter, lighter duty systems.

Brace Sets

Benefits of Cantilever Rack

Cantilever racks are a superior storing solution:

  • Simple to use: no vertical members in the way to load and unload materials.
  • Selective and adjustable: all storage levels are easily accessible and nearly any type of load can be stored.
  • Modular: additional components can be added or changed as storage needs change.

Benefits of Cantilever Rack  

For more information on cantilever rack, visit Modern Equipment Company, Inc. Dennis McClintock has been with Modern Equipment Company for 27 years and is Vice President of Sales.

By Gary Selvera On December 9, 2013


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