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Warehouse1 Review Ratings & Customer Service Commitments

Outstanding Service—Not Just a Slogan

Sign on WH1’s customer service goals, reading “Our Goal: Your Success”Warehouse1 is a warehouse equipment company that’s committed to building a remarkable business relationship with you!

This commitment is not just lip service. What matters to you should be measured, so we quantify how successful we are at achieving our goal of exceeding your expectations through a robust three-part system:

  • Ongoing customer communication
  • Customer representation at planning meetings
  • Independent customer review work

Learn more about this system, as well as our Net Promoter Score (NPS) for 2021 below.

Ongoing Customer Communication

While some of our orders are completed online, most involve a 1:1 conversation between you and an account manager. Once you connect with us, your account manager becomes your ‘go-to’ person who develops an understanding of your business needs, priorities, and success. We consistently receive rave reviews about these ongoing relationships. Some recent remarks include:

  • Hand placing 5 stars on a blue background“I have worked with Don for over 15 years. He knows what I need and helps me efficiently.”
  • “I am a big fan and I keep coming back because they treat me right. K is very good!”
  • “Tommy George even helped us when we got some OSHA questions on past purchases.”
  • “I have been happy with Jackson and the person who did the install. Fantastic! Very well done.”
  • “Jennifer did a great job and they also had an exceptionally helpful loader.”

Our account managers work to find the products that best meet your needs to guarantee your success. We check in to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your service. This relationship and communication is our first-line method for delivering and measuring customer satisfaction.

Customer Representation at Planning Meetings

Our next tactic for ensuring that we keep the customer front and center involves our long-term planning process. We realized early in our tenure that it was easy to focus on maximizing profitability and efficiency, but sometimes those changes weren’t customer centric.

To avoid implementing anything that does not focus on our clients, we have independent participants at our yearly planning meeting. Their sole role at the meeting is to represent our customers and what they care about most. This input is taken just seriously as that of our line leadership.

Independent Customer Review Work

We augment our client communication and representation with a completely objective, independent customer review company that contacts a cross section of our customers to determine overall customer satisfaction. Our account managers follow-up immediately if they find customers who aren’t completely satisfied.

Man pointing at a green smiley face; two other faces include a frown face and a neutral faceThe independent customer review company asks these questions:

  • On a scale of one to 10, how satisfied have you been with Warehouse1?
  • On that same scale, how likely would you be to recommend Warehouse1 to a friend or colleague?
  • What is your overall impression of Warehouse1?
  • What other products/services would you like to see?

These questions allow us to calculate a Net Promoter Score, a widely used metric for customer satisfaction. According to Survey Monkey, the median Net Promoter Score is 44. Here are some Net Promoter Scores of companies who score high for their industry:

  • Tesla – 96
  • Starbucks – 77
  • USAA Insurance – 73
  • Netflix – 68
  • Apple – 63

Graph that highlights the Net Promotor (NPS) score range

Warehouse1’s NPS Score

Warehouse1’s Net Promoter Score for 2021 was 80.7. This score puts us on par with the best customer service providers in the world.

We believe we attained this score because of the quality of our products, the people we employ, and the customer service we offer. Because we measure this on an ongoing basis, we continuously look for opportunities to better serve our customer base. Our goal is to make sure that your voice is heard and to maximize your success.

If you’re ready to find a material handling dealer who values you, contact us today or browse through our warehouse equipment inventory.

By Gary Selvera On February 1, 2022


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