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What Is Carton Flow Storage and How Do I Use It?

Moving pallets can be a difficult and time-consuming job. It’s also a fairly menial task that can take time away from other important tasks, so it must be completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Many storage companies and other businesses are using carton flow storage to move twice as many pallets in the same amount of time. Yet these systems are expensive, leaving some business owners wondering if they’re worth the cost. We assure you they are, and today we will highlight some of the biggest benefits of carton flow storage.

What is Carton Flow Storage?

Multilevel SystemCarton flow storage uses two separate aisles, one for pickers and one for stackers. It uses gravity as a free power source, making it easier to integrate with other material handling systems you may already be using.

Carton flow storage is a close relative of pallet flow rack storage, which can use double or triple capacity when compared to traditional floor rack systems. Carton flow storage works well for all sizes and shapes of inventory, allowing it to be packaged and shipped more quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of Carton Flow Storage

One of carton flow storage’s biggest benefits is its ability to gravitate products directly to the picker or packager. This cuts labor costs by about 75% when compared to traditional storage methods in which pickers must find and carry the packages themselves. Carton flow storage increases inventory visibility, reducing the risk of lost inventory and the chances that pickers and stackers could get injured.

No matter what the speed and experience of your pickers and stackers, gravity-based carton flow storage will get your products out of the warehouse and ready to be shipped in record time. Secondly, carton flow storage is durable and sustainable. In a workforce where everyone wants to be environmentally conscious, business owners and their employees are highly concerned about wasting materials such as pallets and racks.

Carton-flow storage uses damage-resistant construction and materials such as steel and metal to increase longevity for both the pallets and your products. Recyclable materials make it easier for you to produce and ship more inventory without negatively affecting the environment.

Carton-flow storage is technologically sound, using clip-less grip systems, angles facing toward the aisles, and maximum floor space. This prevents work interruptions from jammed grips or pulleys, damaged pallets, and racks that stall in the aisles or don’t move quickly enough.

Carton flow storage also guarantees that if your product has a specific shelf life, it will stay fresh once it reaches stores. You can set up your carton flow storage system to work on a first in, first out or last in, last out basis as needed.

For more information on Carton Flow Storage, contact our team at Warehouse1 today!

By Gary Selvera On March 13, 2015


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