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September 28, 2021

Used Guards for Pallet Rack

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43"L Used End of Aisle Guard

43"L x 8"H, Angle 34"L x 4"H
Single Sided
Item # 200239

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86"L Used End of Aisle Guard

86"L x 8"H, Angle 68"L x 4"H
Double Sided
Item # 170647

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93"L Used End of Aisle Guard

93"L x 8"H, Angle 79"L x 4"H
Double Sided
Item # 170646

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203"L Used End of Aisle Guard

203"L x 5"H
Double Sided
8"H Tails
Item # 190969

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18"H Used Guard Rail Post

18"H x 5" Face
Floor Mount - 4-Hole
Column Mount - 2-Hole
Item # 160173

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