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Industrial Metal Cabinets

Industrial Cabinets

Store your tools, parts hardware and supplies in storage, drawer, mobile, bin and modular drawer cabinets. Secure your chemicals, gases and flammables in safety and cylinder cabinets that adhere to OSHA standards.

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Cabinets FAQs

Q. What style of cabinet should I buy?
A. Do you want to store office supplies, tools, electronics, paint, or gas? Some of the most popular cabinets that we sell are our new metal industrial cabinets. These are excellent for office supplies or other non-flammable items. We also sell modular drawer cabinets for tools, small parts, and electronics. Selecting the right cabinet for your application is very important and our in-house design experts are here to help you make the right choice based on your needs.

Q. How do I select the right modular cabinet?
A. Picking the right cabinet will be determined by answering several questions. Would you like to use the top of the cabinet as a workstation or is it for storage only? What types of items will be stored in the cabinet and what are the sizes? This will determine the number of drawers and sizes needed. The drawers can also be customized with modular inserts to divide each drawer for your specific need.

Q. Do you sell specialty cabinets?
A. Yes, we sell a wide variety of specialty cabinets for medical, law enforcement, and many other types of industries. We work with several different manufacturers, so we may be able to find a stock size and style that will work for you and if not, we can customize a unit for your specific application.

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