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Pallet Jacks

New and Used Pallet Jacks

Easily move heavy, palletized objects from one location of your facility to another. New and used pallet jacks, also called pallet trucks, are a fundamental piece of lift equipment in almost every warehouse, storage and distribution facility. Simple to operate, new and used pallet trucks have blades that slide under a pallet and lift with the use of a hydraulic motor. Pallet jacks and pallet trucks are available in manual or electric models.

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Pallet Jacks FAQs

Q. What are the most popular size pallet jacks?
A. The most popular size pallet jack is 27” wide and 48” long. We also stock a pallet jack for narrow pallets. These are 20 1/2” wide by 48” deep and are a great option for tile and other narrow pallet applications.

Q. Do you sell specialty pallet jacks?
A. We sell specialty pallet jacks. Some of the most popular specialty pallet jacks include built in scales, stainless steel units, anti-spark units, and custom size or weight capacities.

Q. Are the new pallet jacks that you stock very durable?
A. Yes, these units are very durable. We have been selling the same units for many years and have rarely had a unit that didn’t function properly. Many clients buy these pallet jacks in a crate of 6 at a time and share them throughout their facilities.