Warehouse Space Checklist & Requirements

Choosing the right warehouse space for your business is a strategic decision. While the location, space, and price of the warehouse building are important features to consider, you should evaluate other factors as well.

We’ve created a checklist to use as a starting point in developing a full understanding of your warehouse location requirements. You may need to consult your financial, real estate, engineering, or additional teams to answer some of these questions.

Here are important factors to consider when evaluating an existing or new warehouse building for your operations:

Download Your Checklist

Use this checklist to help evaluate your existing warehouse space or select your new warehouse location.

Space Requirements

How much space do you need for product storage, offices, receiving and shipping, parking, potential expansion?


Square Footage

Warehouse square footage, dock square footage, office square footage?

clear height

Clear Height

Are there limiting obstructions: heaters, fans, sprinkler lines, etc.?

in-plant offices

Office and Employee Space

Offices, break rooms, locker rooms, restrooms, showroom, drivers lounge?

car stops

Exterior Space

Parking, truck maneuvering, trailer storage, exterior storage?

warehouse expansion space

Expansion Space

Is there room for potential future expansion?

Dock Requirements

How many dock doors does your operation require? What size and height do you need? What is the condition of the floor and paving inside and outside the docks?

number of dock doors

Number of Dock Doors

Are the dock doors configured and equipped with what you need?

dock door size

Size of Dock Doors

Are the openings adequate for the trucks you load and unload?

dock height requirements

Dock Height Requirements

Do you use docks for trailers, vans, parcel trucks, or all the above?

drive in door requirements

Drive In Door Requirements

Do you require ramps and/or drive in doors to the warehouse?

dock conditions

Dock Conditions

Are the dock doors operable? How is the paving outside the dock?

Business Requirements

Do you have specific business needs and/or local requirements that are necessary in your warehouse space?

elevators and ADA access

Elevators/ADA Access

Elevators functioning? Building comply with Americans with Disabilities Act?

zoning considerations

Zoning Considerations

Is the location zoned for your application? Can you get variances?

sprinkler system

Fire/Sprinkler Systems

Does the building comply with local fire codes or requirements?

Temperature Control

Do you have temperature or humidity control requirements?

Access Requirements

Can employees, customers, and vendors easily access the site? Can your goods and materials be shipped via roadways and railways?

highway access


Is there easy access to highways? Overpass height limitations?

access roads

Access Roads

Can access roads handle loads and trucks you require?

rail access


Do you have access to rail if required?

residential areas

Residential Areas

Will trucks go through residential areas?

Utility Requirements

Do you have a list of the utilities you require? Do you have an estimate of the demand you will generate?



Sufficient amperage? History of power failures? Generators needed?


Is gas or other heating source required and available?

water services


Are water supply and drain lines functional and reliable?

phone and internet


Number of required lines available? Access to internet services?



Trash and recycling services, sanitary sewers, waste water, septic system?

Building Condition

What is the condition of the warehouse building and the exterior site? Would you be responsible for any repairs or maintenance?



Are they insulated? Are there cracks or gaps at doors, windows, joints?

roof condition


Are there leaks? Skylights? When was it last repaired or replaced?



Are there cracks? Is it even? Has it been sealed or painted?



What type of lighting? Do they work? Provide adequate light?

HVAC and plumbing

HVAC & Plumbing

Are there heating units? Air conditioning? Where are drain lines?

While this may not cover every single factor you should consider, it is a good starting point.If you do not have a real estate team to help you find the right warehouse space in your area, Warehouse1 has many qualified contacts to recommend.

When you’re ready to outfit your new warehouse with the right material handling equipment, check out our Warehouse Equipment Checklist to help plan that process. Let us know how Warehouse1 can help!