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How to Fix Damaged Pallet Rack

Pallet racks suffer a lot of abuse. With so many structural and moving parts, all the loading and unloading pallets all day, there’s a lot of room for error. Sometimes it can be tricky to know: When should you repair your racks and when should you replace them? And what’s the best and most cost-effective way to upkeep my racking and prevent damage?

Below we'll go over the benefits of repairing pallet rack, as well as the steps to identifying the damage and determining the right course of action.

Employee cuts out damaged upright section
Pallet rack repair

Benefits of Pallet Rack Repair

If your racks aren’t too damaged, they can be fixed. The main benefits of pallet rack repair are:

  • Cheaper than replacing pallet rack
  • Keeps up with maintenance and helps racking last longer
  • Increases safety for the employees

But how do you determine if the damage is OK to repair, or if you should replace the rack instead?

Evaluating & Repairing Pallet Rack Damage

Damaged pallet rack upright column.

1. Identify your column damage

Column damage is very common on lower levels of pallet racks. The supporting columns are susceptible to damage from moving vehicles and structural deficiencies. There might be bent columns or dents in the corner deflectors. Usually columns only need to be repaired if they are bent or warped beyond ½”. Stand-alone racks are more important to have repaired as soon as possible.

2. Identify strut damage

Look at the struts that run diagonally and horizontally across the pallet racks. If there are dents greater than ½”, then they need repaired. Missing anchors should be immediately replaced.

Green and yellow pallet racking.

3. Identify beam damage

Damaged, missing and improperly connected beams often occur because of overloading. If there are any deformations or cracking the beam must be unloaded and replaced with a new one. Beams that are damaged or improperly bolted at the connecting site can be repaired.

Pallet rack repair kits

Once you’ve determined the location and severity of the damage, you need to decide whether to repair or replace the equipment. For moderate damage, you can purchase pallet rack repair kits.

Upright with a pallet rack repair kit on the front column.

Some kits bolt directly into the holes in the rack and don’t require welding. These are used to reinforce the uprights and columns and act as a shield. Components that are severely damaged will need to be replaced and re-anchored. The pallet rack will need to be unloaded, the new pallet rack upright installed, and the foot plate bolted to the floor.

Replacing Pallet Rack: New or Used?

If the damage is too severe, the rack may need to be replaced. You might be wondering if you should purchase new or used pallet rack. Buyers often lean towards used rack, but sometimes those initial savings won’t be worth it in the long run. There are a lot of pros and cons to purchasing new beams and uprights versus used.

Let's take a look at what you should consider before buying your replacement pallet rack.

Interior warehouse with rows of used pallet racking.

Seismic considerations

Some buyers don’t think enough about the rack’s ability to withstand seismic activity. It can be essential in making sure your rack is safe and will keep your inventory secure. Locating and purchasing new seismic racks is easier than finding used ones.

Used vendors vs. new vendors

When buying used, it’s the buyer’s responsibility to find a trusted used vendor like Warehouse1. Before purchasing, research that the product meets company and local safety requirements, and examine the equipment for damage and potential integrity issues.

When buying new, it is easier to locate and verify a vendor as the product is in guaranteed condition and all the safety requirements have been met.

Lead time

Usually the time frame to receive new pallet racks can be between six to eight weeks, whereas good used vendors can have used rack ready to ship out in as early as a few days.

Up-keeping your rack

When up-keeping your pallet rack, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you’re looking to purchase more, give us a call or contact us if you have any questions. Our expert team can also help determine whether your rack can be repaired or not.

By Gary Selvera On December 2, 2019


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