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Pallet Racking Uprights

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Pallet Rack New
42" x 300" Used T-Bolt Upright

Item #: 190637

216 in stock KC

Price: $149.98

Pallet Rack Used
Pallet Rack Used
Pallet Rack New
Pallet Rack Used
42" x 168" Used Paltier Upright

Item #: 240038

162 in stock KC

Price: $99.98

Pallet Rack Used
Pallet Rack Used
Pallet Rack Used
Pallet Rack Used
Pallet Rack Used

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Pallet Rack Upright Frames

Uprights connect to beams to create a pallet racking storage system. Two uprights are required to make one selective rack bay.

Teardrop Pallet Rack Uprights Compatibility - Don't be confused when dealing with "old" vs "new" style teardrop upright pallet rack frames. All of our "new" teardrop pallet rack upright frames are compatible with most teardrop beams, but if you move into our used options make sure you remember these guidelines:

Old Style Teardrop Beams + New Style Teardrop Uprights = NO
Old Style Teardrop Beams + Old Style Teardrop Uprights = YES
New Style Teardrop Beams + New Style Teardrop Uprights = YES
New Style Teardrop Beams + Old Style Teardrop Uprights = YES

Uprights are the vertical towers that are connected by beams to create sections of selective pallet rack. These towers come in a variety of shapes and styles, and they range in height and width to suit the space that you have available to store your material. Teardrop pallet rack uprights are the most common style in the industry followed by several less universal styles such as new style, keystone, Ridg-U-Rak and structural rack. The width depends on what you are storing on it and the weight of your product.

When purchasing, be sure to know your warehouse layout (see our warehouse layout and design consultation services). One bay of pallet rack consists of two uprights connected by four beams (unless more beam levels are needed). You would add one additional upright connected by four beams (depending on height) to an existing bay of selective pallet rack to create a new bay.

Have questions about which warehouse racking upright will work for you? Reach out today to speak with one of our in-house design experts! Contact us online or call all at 888-558-1830.


Q. Is the capacity rating shown on a pallet rack upright product page the capacity for one upright?
A. No, because it takes two uprights to create a bay of pallet rack, the capacity is communicated per bay. For example, if you see an upright capacity of 20,000 lbs, you can generally install up to 4 beam levels at 5,000 lbs each, if the loads are evenly distributed at standard beam elevations.

Q. Will the location I install the beam levels affect the overall capacity of the bay?
A. Yes, it is common for the capacity ratings to be communicated using 48” beam spacing starting at the floor. If you need to space the beams further apart, the capacity of the bay will be less.

Q. What do I need to consider when buying uprights?
A. There are several things to keep in mind when buying uprights.

  • Future growth. It is often more cost effective in the long run to buy taller uprights than you actually need if they will fit in your facility for future storage. We take down short uprights and install taller units every day for customers that want to save money upfront.
  • Size of your product. We have uprights ranging from 24” deep all the way up to 72” deep, depending on your needs.
  • Your location. Some areas of the United States require oversized footplates and/or additional bracing for seismic considerations.

Q. What depth upright is best for pallets?
A. The most common depth upright for pallets is 42”. This allows a standard pallet to hang over the front and rear beams by several inches. Other popular depths are 44” and 48”, based on users pallet size and/or weights.


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