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How to Install Shelving: Compression Clip (Video)

Three employees install compression clip shelving section.

Today we're continuing our how-to series by showing you how to properly install compression clip shelving. Check out the video and transcription below. If you need help installing your pallet racking, contact us as we're ready to help!

Installation Tools You'll Need

Here's some of the tools needed:

  • Shelving Clip
  • Tape Measure
  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Screwdriver

Set up Your Posts

To get started, the first thing you want to do is get your posts ready. In this case, we're using an angle post. If we were using a front beaded or box post, the principle would be the exact same; it would actually just save a little bit of time on the setup.

Lay the posts out and use your tape measure to place your clips where you want your shelf elevations to be. If you have a foot plate, attach that to the bottom of your post now.

Assemble the Side Braces

Now that we have our posts clipped, it's time to assemble our side braces. In this case, we're using open shelving. If it were closed shelving, it would be the exact same principal, but you put in the closed panels instead of braces.

Spread out your posts to the depth of your shelf, in this case we're doing approximately 18 inches because we're using an 18 inch shelf. Attach your side braces in the middle of the to two posts to create one side panel.

Repeat the same step to assemble the other side panel.

Add Top and Bottom Shelves and Back Brace

Now that we have the side panels assembled, it's time to start putting in our shelves. We're going to start by putting in the top and the bottom shelf.

After the shelves are in place, we are going to put on our back x-bracing.

Finish Up

Now that we have our structure assembled, we can insert the final shelves. Our example only has three shelves, but you can do however many you need. Once all components are in place, tighten everything up.

After your shelving section is tightened and ready to go, if you were going to continue the run, you could anchor it. If not, you'll start attaching the outer posts. If you're using a beaded front post, then you would start adding on the next unit.

Need Help?

And that's how you install your compression clip shelving. If you need help or have individual questions on installing shelves, feel free to contact us anytime. We'd be happy to help you!

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By Gary Selvera On June 7, 2019


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