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Industrial Shelving

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15" x 12" Shelf Dividers

Item #: 105843

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Industrial Shelving

New and Used Industrial Shelving

Organize and store your hand-loaded, non-palletized inventory. Industrial shelving, also called warehouse shelving, metal industrial shelving and steel industrial shelving, is a versatile storage system that accepts materials of a variety of shapes and sizes. When assessing the types of industrial shelving systems to use, consider the size and weight of the inventory being stored, as well as your desired degree of accessibility to products.

Common Styles

Open Shelving: Open Shelving is generally made steel between the gauges of 18 to 22. This shelving allows for high visibility and makes it easy to hand pick inventory. It also helps with organization and categorization especially with parts storage.

Closed Shelving: Closed shelving is ideal for the storage of items that you don’t want contaminated by dust or light. It also reduces visibility in environments where you may not want your inventory in plain sight.

Industrial Shelving FAQs

Q. What types of industrial shelving do you offer?
A. Industrial shelving comes in many styles, but the most popular style is steel open shelving with adjustable metal shelves. Another popular style of shelving is closed shelving which is ideal for keeping out dust or light and reducing visibility for confidential items.

Q. What size shelving should I order?
A. The size shelving you require depends on what you are storing and how often you will be accessing the material. Metal industrial shelving comes in standard depths of 12” to 24”, widths of 36” to 48”, and heights of 6’ to 10’. Other depths, widths, and heights are available and our in-house design experts will help you make the right choice.

Q. How heavy of material can I store on shelving?
A. Metal shelving capacities normally range in the 200 to 300 lb. range depending on the style of shelf and gauge of steel. A lightweight pallet rack option could provide you with a 96” shelf in the 1500 lb. range.


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