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File and Record Shelving

Record and file shelving helps maximize the storage of records. Warehouse1 offers record, file and archiving shelving, which are sized to the dimensions of your archive and file boxes. Our in-house design experts are here to help you make the decision, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

Record Storage Shelving FAQs

Q. What size shelving works best for file storage?
A. The proper size shelving will depend on how you would like to store and access your files. If you access the files on a regular basis, you’ll want to consider an open style, 12” deep shelf with dividers between the files in place. If the files are for archives and stored in boxes, you may want to consider a shelf that is 24” to 36” deep so you can store 2 boxes deep.

Q. How can I maximize my file storage space?
A. Many customers choose a freestanding, 2 level storage or catwalk system in order to maximize storage capacity.

Q. What type of shelving system do you recommend for file storage?
A. Record storage can be built out of several types of material. We can customize a solution out of rivet, metal shelving, or pallet rack depending on your space and specific needs.


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