Keeping Your Employees Safe: Warehouse Safety Tips

Warehouses are one of the few places where work related injuries can be almost completely avoided, especially with an ounce of prevention. While every job comes with some inherent safety risks, a bit of awareness and a few adjustments can ensure your warehouse employees stay safe. A low-injury worksite means an effective and efficient team will keep the warehouse running smoothly. 

Today, we’ll highlight ways to prevent common injuries with the following warehouse safety tips:

Take a Closer Lookwarehouse

Don’t overlook the obvious: keep an eye on warehouse equipment and space. Make sure to regularly check scaffolding and ladders to guarantee they’re built correctly and can hold adequate weight. Inspect all tools and equipment, including ladders, lifts, and scaffolding. Have a “see it, grab it” policy, so that whenever an employee sees obstructions on the floor, he or she grabs it, which will keep floors and pathways as clear as possible of impediments. Everyone should receive proper training for working around any machine with an auger or press.

Dress for the Part

Protective gear and the right clothing can do a lot to keep your employees safe. Statistics tell us slips and falls account for about 26% of cost-influencing injuries in warehouses, so insist on non-slip shoes for all workers. Inspected safety gear, such as harnesses for work in high places, should always be used. Additionally, ensure everyone wears hard hats and safety goggles on the floor.

Re-Organize the Space

First, make sure containers, boxes and lumber are all stacked appropriately and with care to prevent their tumbling over and causing injury. Improperly housed products that fall unexpectedly are the most common cause of warehouse injury. This simple fix can prevent most injuries from warehouse work. When possible, moving vehicles and machines should be kept outside or on the loading docks.

One easy way to help employees avoid the back strain that comes with heavy lifting is to change the position of hard to get items. Consider removing the lowest level on multilayer racks so employees aren’t having to bend as low to lift and stack product. Always train your workers in proper lifting techniques, such as bending and lifting with the knees.

That old saying that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is old for good reason. Preventing work and warehouse injuries is much easier than repairing them once they’ve happened. For more information on how we can help with your warehouse safety, contact our team at Warehouse1.